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    The ABIM Blueprint for the Internal Medicine MOC Exam

    *Updated 07/23/21

    If you're taking your ABIM Internal Medicine MOC exam, there's a variety of test options available to you. And soon, the ABIM will release their longitudinal exam option

    While we’ll never know exactly the questions that’ll be on the recertification exam, we can look to the ABIM blueprint to discover the topics that they’ll be testing on, as well as the percentage weight of each topic in the exam. MedStudy Internal Medicine tools are carefully created according to the ABIM blueprint. 

    That means that the content in MedStudy study tools will be reflective of what you’ll see on the exam, with a balance of scenarios that are relevant to primary care and hospital care, including

    • Making a diagnosis
    • Ordering and interpreting results of tests
    • Recommending treatment or other patient care
    • Assessing risk, determining prognosis, and applying principles from epidemiological studies
    • Understanding the underlying pathophysiology of disease and basic science knowledge applicable to patient care

    You'll earn 20 medical knowledge points for taking the exam. Once you’ve reviewed MedStudy, you’ll feel confident walking into your ABIM exam.

    The ABIM Blueprint for Internal Medicine Recertification

    The recertification exam is designed to evaluate whether you, as a certified Internist, have maintained competency and currency in knowledge and judgment required for practice. The exam content is outlined in this blueprint, developed annually by the ABIM. 

    In July 2021, the ABIM released a new blueprint for the ABIM Internal Medicine MOC exam. The picture below shows the major medical content categories that define the domain for the Internal Medicine MOC and Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA) exams. The relative distribution of content is expressed as a percentage of the total exam.

    Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 9.06.38 AM

    The ABIM blueprint for MOC exam


    What the ABIM Exam Content is Like

    The traditional 10-year exam comprises up to 220 single best-answer multiple-choice questions. 50 of these are "new" questions that won't count in your score. Most questions describe clinical scenarios and ask about the work you do during your normal course of practice.

    The questions on the exam consist of a brief statement, case history, graph, or picture followed by a question and a list of possible options. You must choose the one answer that is better than the others (some options may be partially correct).

    Familiarizing yourself with the question format in advance will help you be more confident going into the exam.

    ABIM’s Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment for MOC, slated to launch in 2022, is the new longitudinal exam option. It's a five-year cycle exam where you answer questions on an ongoing basis and receive feedback about your performance along the way. This exam also uses the ABIM MOC exam blueprint for its question, and any topic on the blueprint is fair game for questions. 

    ABIM pass rates

    The IM MOC exam is pass/fail based on your entire test performance. You need 64% of the questions correct to “pass.” Unanswered questions are scored as incorrect, so make sure you answer every question!

    You'll receive your results about 6–8 weeks after the exam. 

    ABIM recertification pass rates for 2019: 95%

    ABIM recertification pass rates for 2018: 95%

    ABIM recertification pass rates for 2017: 92%

    Ready to jump into studying for your exam? Get our tips for prepping for your ABIM recertification exam

    StudyWise guide

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