See How ResCentral Makes Teaching Medicine Easier. 

ResCentral is our brand new residency reporting tool—it's program-exclusive, free value-add for all residencies with Q&A Premium.

You’ll be able to create Q&A assignments and analyze real-time reports.

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With ResCentral, you’ll be able to 

  • Increase accountability. Track your residents’ progress through 1,700+ MedStudy Q&As
  • Identify trends in resident learning. Easily see when your residents are keeping up, when they need encouragement, and when you need to step in for remediation
  • Empower your residents. Give them learning tools that make learning medicine easier, plus move all the information into their longterm memory seamlessly
  • Make it collaborative. Designate multiple admins to build and share assignments and assessments
  • Easily export data. Keep all your reports in a single place, and export it whenever you need for further analysis

We want to help your residents pass the certification board exam with proven board review study materials and tools that save time, increase accountability, and enhance learning.

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