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    3 Ways to StudySTRONG With Our ABP Review Lectures

    Struggling to find enough time for a proper ABP review? It’s no secret that studying for the boards and keeping up to date on the latest pediatric guidelines can take forever, but reviewing with on-demand video lectures can save you a lot of time and energy.

    That’s why we created the Pediatrics Video Board Review. These video lectures are designed to help you review all the board-relevant information you need to know in 50 hours. How can you use these videos to take your ABP review to the next level? Check out our best tips below.


    Find a new place to review your video lectures

    One of our favorite—and most underrated—study tips is mixing up your study spot. Did you know that studying in a new place, with new distractions will actually build your recall of the important information you’re studying? In fact, every new mild distraction gives your brain another chance to recall the information later on.

    How does this work? As you learn new information it enters your brain and then converts into a neural code that can be stored and accessed whenever you need to remember it. Every sight, sound, and smell around you also enter your brain as a cue that connects to the information you learn as it gets filed away in your memory. When your brain tries to recall this information, later on, each cue gives your brain something to grab and then pulls the information to the front of your mind. The more cues you have, the more chances your brain has to recall information correctly when you need it most.

    Try this tip yourself by watching your videos in new surroundings with mild distractions like a coffee shop, park, co-working space, or even in your backyard! Get more details on how this tip helps your brain recall essential information by reading the StudyWise guide.


    Try studying with spaced retrieval

    Spaced retrieval is studying a topic at progressively longer intervals—days, weeks, and months after initially learning it. This may seem a little odd, especially if you’re used to studying the same topic over and over again in an effort to really hammer it into your brain. That old study technique doesn’t work as well as you might think. 

    Start using spaced retrieval with these ABP review videos by watching a topic, then coming back to the same topic in a few days by answering the audience response questions. Try it again in a few weeks, a couple of months, and as many times as you can at increasingly longer intervals. This practice will train your brain to get better at remembering the important information you need to recall while treating your patients or taking board exams. Plus, using spaced retrieval will get you out of the pattern of cramming for a test, then forgetting right after.

    Pro Tip: Add self-testing to your study plan, and use spaced retrieval to test yourself on the ABP review video lectures at increasing intervals for the greatest effect.



    Pair your ABP review lectures with a printed syllabus

    Using various learning tools helps improve your memory of the subjects you’re studying. We make this step easy for you by including a printed syllabus for free with the Pediatrics Video Board Review. Our syllabus includes the content from every slide, so you can use it to follow along with your lectures instead of spending all your time taking notes. The full-color printed syllabus also includes an easy-to-navigate Table of Contents, medical images and figures, a list of abbreviations, and every audience response question—making it the perfect companion to your ABP review lectures.

    Want to learn more science-backed study tips? Check out our free StudyWise guide that debunks the learning myths that have been holding you back, and gives you new super-effective strategies to StudySTRONG. Add these to your arsenal so you can ace your next board exam and maintain excellence in your practice.

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