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    Preparing for Your Board Exam: Day of Exam Tips from MedStudy Physicians

    We recently shared some tips from MedStudy contributors on how to spend your final week of exam prep. These distinguished educators and practitioners from around the country write, edit, and present for MedStudy resources—and they care about how you do on your boards!

    We sorted their advice into 4 main categories. Here is everything you need to know for the day of your exam:

    Maintain Your Healthy Routine

    Have a good breakfast. Set out your ID and entrance papers the night before. Arrive early. Look at last-minute notes. And be confident—you’ve got this! - Cathy Hatchell, MD 

    My advice for the day of the exam begins the night before! Get a good night’s sleep. Then in the morning do your regular routine as much as possible. This will keep you in your normal rhythm and your mind clear. Get a good breakfast, although not too much. - Mark R. Corkins, MD

    Sleep, coffee, food, water. Review the one thing that scares you the most for 10 minutes the morning of the test. - Ilene Claudius, MD

    Get enough sleep the night before, eat and drink in moderation, and avoid reviewing study materials unless absolutely necessary. - Nizar Maraqa, MD

    Relax, and eat a good breakfast. - Patricia Chess, MD

    Get Comfortable 

    Bring a snack, and set two alarms. - Theresa Buck, MD

    Bring an extra jacket, as the room may be cold. Wear comfortable clothes. Relax! You got this! - Peter Huynh, MD

    Arrive 20–30 minutes prior to the actual start time of the exam to settle in. Pack a cooler with bottled water and light protein (not sugary snacks) in your car. - Melba I. Ovalle, MD 

    Think Positive Thoughts

    Call someone you love and trust that will make you smile. That way you will remember they’ll love you no matter what your score on the exam is. Smile, relax, and go take it. - Mark R. Corkins, MD

    Remind yourself how well prepared you are when you wake up and don’t look at any study materials. It’s all about confidence at this point and you should keep reminding yourself that as you walk into the exam. - N. Kevin Krane, MD

    Relax and focus, think positive. - Maridine Co, MD

    Be calm and confident. Having a positive attitude goes a long way. - Melba I. Ovalle, MD

    Stay Focused  

    Use a methodological approach to reading, analyzing and answering the questions, realizing that your first response may be the “best” one. - Thomas Abell, MD

    Relax and do not get bogged down by a question you do not know. Move on and address it at the end. - Robert A. Balk, MD

    Remember that you won’t know the answers to a lot of the questions; that is expected. Don’t let that freak you out. - Alan Morgenstein, MD

    Stay calm, take your time, be confident, don’t bring any books with you and do not check for questions/answers on breaks—this will just add anxiety. - Rafael Turbay, MD

    Stick to your plan and execute it in the way you’ve previously decided. No changes. - Mark Yoffe, MD

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