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    CME and MOC: Catch Up, Then Plan for the Future

    Fall of 2021 is here, and that means the end of the year will be here before you know it. Have you been putting off earning all the CME and MOC credits you need for the year until now? If you're starting to scramble for ways to meet your requirements, look no further. If you need to earn credits to round out the year, here are some of our favorite activities you can easily do over the next few months:

    Earn While You Answer Board-Style Questions

    board style questions on an ipad

    Our Board-Style Q&A is the best way to start earning CME/MOC right away.

    Our Q&A Premium is our top recommendation for quickly and easily earning credits because you don't have to take a post-test! You'll earn one credit for every four questions that you answer correctly. Meet your requirements and build your confidence with questions designed like those you'll see on board exams. It's a quick and easy way to test yourself and earn up to 100 CME/MOC credits per year. Get the Internal Medicine or Pediatrics questions today and start earning instantly!

    Watch Lectures to Earn CME/MOC

    watching video lectures on laptop

    Lectures are a great way to cover all the information you need to know and earn credits.

    With the Video Board Review, you’re in charge of how and when you study. These video lectures are designed for busy physicians like you to cover all the medical knowledge you need in less time. Learn from awesome, engaging speakers, and follow along with a beautiful, full-color printed syllabus. While you update your knowledge you can earn up to 39 Internal Medicine CME/MOC credits or 51 Pediatrics CME/MOC credits.

    Flip Through Flashcards and Earn Credits

    digital flashcards on laptop

    Check out our print or digital flashcards today to start earning.

    Flashcards are a fun way to quiz yourself on diseases, syndromes, and fundamental facts. Whether you choose a deck of printed flashcards or access to digital flashcards, you can test your knowledge on facts from every section of the board blueprint. Internists can claim up to 50 CME/MOC credits with the IM Core Scripts® Flashcards, and Pediatricians can earn up to 100 CME/MOC credits with Pediatrics Flashcards.

    Want to Start Planning Ahead?

    We know that scheduling time to earn these credits and points isn’t as easy as it sounds, so we polled our physician contributors—course speakers, audio readers, medical writers, medical editors, and medical reviewers—for their advice on earning CME and MOC throughout the year. Here’s how they keep up to date:

    Participate in regular activities such as:

    • Weekly reading topics followed by Q&As
    • CME courses throughout the year, like our IM or Peds Online Review Course!
    • Journal clubs
    • Yearly conferences
    • Grand rounds
    • Online modules
    • Teaching medical students or residents

    Monitor your progress throughout the year by:

    • Setting a goal of CME credits to earn each month
    • Setting monthly reminders for yourself
    • Keeping a running tally of hours earned throughout the year

    We hope these tips help you jump-start on earning all the credits you need for 2021 and beyond!

    Have questions about CME or MOC? Visit our CME/MOC page for more details.

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