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    As part of the MedStudy's deep learning approach, we recommend you plan your reading using the following method called PQ3R or Preview, Develop Questions,Read, Respond, Review.

    To use this strategy, follow these steps:

    Preview: Before you begin to read, preview your reading. Look at how long the text is. Make note of images and lists. Think about how a section or text is organized.

    Develop questions: Ask yourself, “What are the key concepts and terms in this section? What do I already know about this topic? How do these concepts relate to previous sections in the text or to the topics I have already studied?”

    Read: As you read, keep the questions you have generated in mind and think about your answers.

    Respond: When you have completed a section or a chapter, take out a piece of paper and write down what you can remember from what you have read. This activity requires you to retrieve information from your short-term memory, which helps move this information into long-term memory. Writing by hand, rather than typing on a computer, has also been shown to aid in long-term retention.

    Review: Once you have responded to your reading, review what you have written and return to the text to see what details you have forgotten or misrepresented. Read those sections and try to write again.

    This strategy works better—and is actually less time-consuming— than re-reading your text. The writing that you produce can become a record of your studying to which you can return.

    Want more study tips to help you study strong? Here's free access to a guide that covers more info on The MedStudy Method!

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