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    Give Yourself the Gift of Time—Start Your Exam Prep Early

    If you could add a few more hours to your day, would you? Perhaps that extra time would make your to-do list seem a bit less overwhelming. For busy physicians like you, time is a rare commodity. Why not package some time, tie a bow around it, and gift it to yourself? If you start your board review early, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

    An Early Start on Exam Prep Is a Gift Because:

    1. The board exam covers an enormous amount of knowledge. Studying—and understanding—everything on the test will not happen overnight.
    2. Cramming relies on short-term memory, which is limited. Only long-term memory has the capacity to store all the information you’ll be tested on.
    3. Effective learning techniques require time to “forget.” This might sound contradictory, but to reliably recall information, you must test yourself at the point of forgetting.
    4. Self-testing works best in increasing intervals of time. This is called “spaced repetition,” and you’ll need to start 6 months to a year in advance. (We recommend a year!)
    5. A more relaxed pace of study reduces anxiety—putting you in a better frame of mind to ace the exam.

    Your upcoming exam is important. Put yourself at the top of the list this gift-giving season and take the time you need to succeed. 

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