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    The New StudyWise is Here

    For 30 years, we’ve been creating innovative study materials that make learning medicine easier. A few years ago, MedStudy’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Robert A. (Tony) Hannaman, MD started a quest to determine the best way to transfer all this required medical knowledge into long-term memory so it would be durable and easily accessible. He dove into the latest brain science on how memories are made and the best evidence-based learning techniques. He discovered that many of our assumptions and much of what we’re taught about learning is simply wrong! 

    After much study, consultation with experts, pondering, writing and rewriting, he sculpted what he’d learned into a new study method that we call the MedStudy Method. The StudyWise guide is a fun, must-read presentation of the MedStudy Method and the science behind it.  

    StudyWise will unsettle you by de-bunking 6 learning myths that may be holding you back—and will reveal the 2 secrets to long-term learning.

    What is the MedStudy Method?

    The MedStudy Method is our prescription for the most effective way to truly learn medicine. Use the MedStudy Method—as outlined in your included StudyWise guide—to learn, retain, and easily recall all the medical information you need, whether you’re seeing patients or taking the boards. 

    How Do I Implement the MedStudy Method?

    The MedStudy Method is universal, and works with any study material—it's simply an optimization of the way we naturally learn. It works no matter what it is you are learning and attempting to transfer into long-term memory.

    It includes 3 simple steps: Preview, Study, Retrieve—sometimes we shorten it to the acronym PSR. We go into further detail on how to implement each of the 3 steps in StudyWise

    What's New in This StudyWise

    StudyWise review from readerStudyWise review from reader

    Now that you understand the method, and want to implement it, these are the other features inside the NEW StudyWise guide that have been created to help you study stronger:  

      • It's now a 34 page downloadable available online
      • Gives recommendations for what to study—and how to study—based on how much time you have until your boards (or to fulfill your goals) 
      • Includes other online resources to help you study strong
      • Goes over interleaving and how to implement it into your study program
      • Deep dives on the importance of spaced retrieval in learning medicine, plus how to implement it into your study program 

    Where do I get StudyWise?

    You can download it for free anytime online

    get the studywise guide


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