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    Personal Trainer is Here to Guide You Through Med School

    Our comprehensive Med Student Study Strong Systems include a secret tool to lead you through all the material you need to learn in med school and help you create strong long-term memories. Personal Trainer is our super-smart learning guide that uses techniques from the MedStudy Method to build personalized, adjustable study plans to meet your study goals. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting tool and how you can get started using it.

    Personal Trainer Completes the Study Strong System

    We’ve designed the Personal Trainer to help you easily follow the 3-phased, evidence-based MedStudy Method for the most effective way to truly learn medicine. Our founder and editor-in-chief, Dr. Robert A. “Tony” Hannaman, MD., has spent years researching the best evidence-based learning techniques, working with experts to develop this effective study method. Learn more about what's in the Study Strong System in this overview:


    Get all the details of the Medical Student Study Strong System in this video.

    We’ve taken all the guesswork out of creating an effective study plan, so you never have to waste time creating a study calendar or cramming before an exam again. All the content in the Core and Qbank+ has been hand-crafted to work with the MedStudy Method. We’ve made it that much easier for you to learn, retain, and easily recall all the medical information you need with a Personal Trainer that learns with you and adapts to your needs. 

    How Does Personal Trainer Work?

    personal trainer interviewWe'll walk you through interview questions to personalize your study plan.

    You’ll get started with Personal Trainer by customizing your plan to fit your needs. We’ll take you through a quick set of interview questions about your study goals, when you want to start and finish studying, and what pace you would like to follow to set up the perfect study plan for your needs and schedule.

    personal trainer topics list

    Chose which study topics you would study or skip.

    Next, you can choose the order of topics you want to cover as well as choose any you would like to skip.

    personal trainer study boardYour study board will display everything you need to Preview, Study, and Review for the week.

    Now you’ll see your study board for the week. It includes 3 columns, one for each phase of the MedStudy Method: Study, Spaced Retrieval, and Preview. Your first study topics will start off in the far right “Preview” column. Click on each study unit to see its associated preview questions. Use this opportunity to recall everything you can remember about the study material before you start studying. This primes your brain for the studying you will do the next day.

    The day after you’ve previewed a study unit, you’ll see it move to the “Study” column on the far left. If you have the digital Core you can click on each topic to instantly read in your Digital Core, and if you have Qbank+ you can click through to start answering questions for each topic in your Qbank+.

    A few days after you’ve completed a study unit, you’ll see it pop up in the middle “Review” column. Click on each unit to test your understanding with review questions and read content from the Digital Core covering each topic. Take the time to remember all the material you covered that is relevant to the answer. After you complete these units you’ll see them pop up in this column every now and then at increasing intervals. This is key to moving your knowledge into easily accessible long-term memory.

    Finish off your study session by previewing the topics you'll study next week in the "Preview" column, so you can prime your brain to start the cycle all over again next time.

    Personal Trainer will check in weekly to review what you accomplished and ask if you want to keep the same study pace for the next week. It will also recommend the ideal study pace for you to hit your end goal. Once you confirm your study pace, your study board will update with the next week's study material.

    Functionality In The Personal Trainer

    Your Personal Trainer allows you to:

    • Adjust your study plan and pace throughout the course of your study
    • Get more in-depth guidance on how to move through each step in the MedStudy Method
    • Study content from your Core and Qbank+

    How to Start Studying With Personal Trainer

    personal trainer med student blog (800 × 300 px)-1

    Personal Trainer is valued at $300 a year, but we've included it for free with the Medical Student Study Strong System or Medical Student Core. Start a free trial of the Medical Student Study Strong System today to get access to the entire musculoskeletal section in the Core, Qbank+, and Personal Trainer to see how it all works together to take the stress out of medical school.


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