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    Simple as ABCDE: The MedStudy Method

    As a practicing physician, your time is limited. With medical school and residency behind you, focusing on continuing education and professional development can take up hours you’d rather reserve for other priorities. The MedStudy Method was developed in partnership with learning experts to provide a research-based approach to studying that helps you learn more in less time. Reclaim some of the hours you spend learning by following the MedStudy Method, described in this easy-to-remember mnemonic:

    1. Active is better than passive. When you generate, integrate, and retrieve information rather than passively receiving it, you learn and remember more. Active study strategies include PQ3R, concept mapping, self-testing, interleaving, and spaced repetition.
    2. Brains learn by association. Why did we use a mnemonic to help you remember these learning techniques? Because human brains like to connect the dots between multiple ideas. If you want to remember what you learn, you must connect it with something you already know.
    3. Change it up. Turns out that when it comes to learning, change is good! Reviewing the same thing at the same time in the same place is not only boring, it doesn’t work. Studies show that learning a few topics at a time can help you perform up to 76% better on exams. And learning in different places and times creates additional context that aids in retention.
    4. Dream a little more. When was the last time you’ve gotten enough sleep? Do you feel guilty when you do? Feel guilty no more! Sleep actually helps you process and retain the information you learn. The essential process of consolidation happens only during sleep. And the more complex the information you’re learning, the more imperative sleep becomes.
    5. Effort pays off. You know the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Repeating study routines that don’t work is insane! Using the MedStudy Method might take you out of your comfort zone, but the results are well worth it. Instead of cramming in the last few weeks before your exam, simplify your life by putting in a little effort upfront. It will surely save you a mountain of time down the road. Think of it as a practice update for learning.

    Learn more about the MedStudy Method on our website or by downloading our free guide

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