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    3 Qs To Pick The Study Strong Essentials Package That's Right For You

    Did you hear about our brand new Study Strong Essentials Packages?

    This year, our customers told us they really wanted a way to combine the 3 most-essential learning tools into an easy-to-pick package... so we made them for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics!

    You can pick to have your package be shipped to you with print learning tools (our Study Strong Essentials package), or get your learning tools immediately, with access through (our Study Strong Digital Essentials). 

    Study Strong Digital Essentials


    Study Strong Digital Essentials

    The best review, at your fingertips. This digital study package is connected across every topic, helping you immediately shore up your understanding. In a single click, you can go from Core to Flashcards, Flashcards to Core; Q&As to Core, or Core to Q&As.

    Shop Internal Medicine >

    Shop Pediatrics >

    Study Strong Essentials in print


    Study Strong Essentials

    We’ve combined 3 essential study tools (Core books, online Q&As, and printed Flashcards) with the MedStudy Method to give you the perfect study package. Maximize your medical knowledge retention and retrieval. 

    Shop Internal Medicine >

    Shop Pediatrics >


    How to choose between Print or Digital 

    Can't decide between print or digital? We can help! 

    Give yourself 1 point for every statement that’s true for you:



    I think the smell of a printed book is so satisfying! (Also, love how it feels in my hands!)

    I ALWAYS carry a bag/backpack with me. 

    I’m a doodle-er. I’m sure to have notes in the margins of my books. 

    I like to take my eBooks with me everywhere I go. 

    I just carry my phone and keys with me. I keep it light! 

    Doodles are too messy, I like to type out my notes. 

    A total =
    B total = _________________

    Is your A total 2 or more points?
    We recommend you go with the Study Strong Essentials. 

    Shop Internal Medicine >

    Shop Pediatrics >

    Is your B total 2 or more points?
    We recommend you go with the Study Strong Digital Essentials. 

    Shop Internal Medicine >

    Shop Pediatrics >


    Get the Best of Both Worlds While Studying for Boards 

    Can’t decide which to choose? When you buy one Study Strong Essentials or Study Strong Digital Essentials you will get the other format for 30% off! 

    board prep studywise guide

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