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    4 Ways to Study at MedStudy's Pediatrics Board Review Course

    Our only Pediatrics Review Course of 2023 is right around the corner! We’ve specifically crafted this course for busy peds practitioners like you. You’ll get in-depth lectures from engaging experts on 20 high-value topics for board prep and practice updates, and be able to interact with colleagues from around the world.

    The course includes supplemental materials: board-style practice questions, a full-color printed syllabus, and all the raw footage from the course for 12 months. You’ll also be eligible to earn 52.5 CME credits and MOC points.

    Here's how you can get the most of attending when you join us for a review of essential topics for board exam prep and practice updates.

    1. Get the latest guidelines with the Pediatrics Board Review Course  

    pediatrics board review course on laptop

    When you consider the broad scope of pediatrics, it’s hard to know what to focus on. Our course speakers present only what you need to know for the boards and practice update. These highly rated peds specialists will help you build confidence in the topics you’ll be tested on—and share their insights, pearls, and tips.

    "I was able to find subjects I didn’t feel as confident in and the course helped improve my confidence." –Lauren McKinney, DO

    2. Set aside dedicated study time 

    pediatrics board review course on laptop

    Dana Hoch, MD getting even more studying in after a day at the Review Course

    Doctors who live stream our courses love that they’re able to set aside a few CME days or vacation days to get to digest so much material. The course is chock-full of distraction-free sessions covering the latest guidelines in Peds Board/MOC prep. We know it’s tough to find the time for board review, so we also give you access to all the lectures for 12 more months to continue your review.

    "Using the MedStudy lectures provided an excellent blueprint on the topics and specifically highlighting pearls on topics. I knew then where I needed to focus on, I was able to identify my areas of opportunities. The review gave me the overview of the multitudes of topics to revisit. It was really organized and learning with a class made it less stressful." –Kirth Cucueco, MD

    3. Use the supplemental study materials 

    pediatrics board review course syllabus

    The Pediatrics Board Review Course includes a printed syllabus including slides from the lectures.

    The course comes with:

    • a full-color printed syllabus
    • supplemental videos
    • 100 board-style practice questions and answers
    • 12 months of access to the raw footage of the course

    Each practice question includes thorough explanations, so you can quiz yourself throughout the course to identify your knowledge gaps. These explanations also help you understand why the correct answer is right, and why the other choices are wrong to deepen your understanding.

    With your course videos, we include access to two very popular bonus lectures covering acid-base disorders and statistics. You'll also get 'Q&A Shortcuts' with every audience response question from the course edited into one video for easy viewing & self-testing.


    4. Take advantage of learning online

    taking the pediatrics board review course online

    Our online course is perfect for attendees who want to rewatch lectures, who won’t or can’t travel, or who study best alone. This course also gives you the opportunity to add some flexibility to your review schedule and study at your own pace.

    You can also take advantage of one of our StudyWise tips and try studying in some new locations. Learning in new environments improves memory encoding of the material so you'll more easily remember pertinent information on exam day.

    "Online course was great. I could move at my own pace." –Denise Anderson, DO

    Save your spot now to study live with us August 5-10, and keep reviewing for 12 more months with the very latest peds lectures.

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