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    5 Most-Watched Pediatric Examination Videos of 2021

    Physicians loved the videos we added to our YouTube Channel in 2021—especially pediatricians! We specialize in making pediatric examination videos that you can use to prepare for your board exam. Video is a great review format because you can:

    • See the expert physician educators in action
    • View medical images and session slides
    • Read the Audience Response questions along with the lecture 
    • Watch at your own pace

    All of the videos on our YouTube channel are completely free to watch! We generally post videos that will help you study for boards, including actual sessions from our peds review course, as well as helpful videos with study tips, how to submit your CME, and more. 

    Here are the top pediatric examination video snippets pediatricians loved watching in 2021. 

    1.Blount Disease | Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine | 2021 Pediatric Examination Video

    Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    With every Pediatrics Video Board Review we release, we also put “snippets” of the sessions on YouTube—and those undoubtedly become our most-watched videos. This video snippet from our 2021 Video Pediatrics Video Board Review was presented by Kathryn Dao, MD on blount disease. 

    2. IgA Vasculitis | Dermatology | 2021 Pediatric Examination Video

    Dermatology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    In this snippet, we catch Amy Jo Nopper, MD in the middle of her Dermatology lecture where she discusses IgA vasculitis. 

    3. Bacterial Tracheitis | Pulmonary Medicine | 2021 Pediatric Examination Video

    Pulmonary Medicine snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    In the next video in the pediatric examination video of 2021 countdown, we have Mohannad Mannaa, MD's Pulmonary Medicine lecture. He discusses the presentation and treatment of bacterial tracheitis. 

    4. Hypocalcemia | Endocrinology | 2021 Pediatric Examination Video

    Endocrinology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    Rayhan A. Lal, MD discusses the signs and symptoms of hypocalcemia and the causes of hypocalcemia in neonate in his Endocrinology pediatrics examination video lecture. 

    5. Hematuria | Nephrology | 2021 Pediatric Examination Video

    Nephrology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    Our pediatric Nephrology physician educator Beth A. Vogt, MD, gives a lecture on hematuria and the causes of discolored urine. 


    We love making videos that help you study stronger! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates when we post new videos. 

    We recently completed some really exciting advances in our video board review to make your study experience even more efficient and enjoyable. If you want to wait and receive brand new video lectures in 2022, sign up for our online Pediatrics Board Review Course taking place February 5–10. After the course is over, you'll have access to the videos for one year.  

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