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    5 Must-Watch Pediatric Examination Videos of 2022

    Did you watch these videos from our YouTube Channel in 2022? Because your peers sure did! They were the most-watched pediatric exam video snippets.

    Before we launch into the top FREE videos from our pediatric lecture snippets on YouTube, we'd like to point out that video is a great review format because:

    • Seeing expert physician educators in action makes the information really stick in your brain
    • Viewing medical images and session slides helps bring the lesson to life
    • Reading the Audience Response questions along with the lecture reinforces must-know information
    • Watching the videos at your own pace gives you a completely flexible review

    And now, without further ado, here are the top pediatric examination video snippets physicians watched in 2022. (Drumroll, please!) 


    1. Bone Age | Growth & Development | 2022-2023 Pediatrics  Video Board Review

    Growth & Development snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    With every Pediatrics Video Board Review we release, we also put “snippets” of the sessions on YouTube—and those undoubtedly become our most-watched videos. This video snippet from our 2022-2023 Pediatrics Video Board Review was presented by Paul Catalana, MD on bone age. 


    2. Congenital Hypothyroidism | Endocrinology | 2022-2023 Pediatrics  Video Board Review

    Endocrinology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    In this snippet, we catch Rayhan Lal, MD in the middle of his endocrinology lecture where he discusses congenital hypothyroidism in full-term infants. 


    3. Vesicoureteral Reflux | Nephrology | 2022-2023 Pediatrics  Video Board Review

    Nephrology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    In the next pediatrics video in the 2022 countdown, we have Beth Vogt, MD's nephrology lecture. She discusses vesicoureteral reflux and includes slides with lots of great stats, illustrations, and x-rays. 


    4. Medical Management of Eating Disorders | Adolescent Medicine | 2022-2023 Pediatrics  Video Board Review

    Adolescent Medicine snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    Paul Catalana, MD discusses initial evaluations, nutritional rehabilitation, occupational therapy, medical stabilization, and more in his pediatrics video lecture on adolescent medicine. 


    5. Atopic Dermatitis Characteristics | Dermatology | 2022-2023 Pediatrics  Video Board Review

    Dermatology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    Our pediatric dermatology physician educator Amy Nopper, MD, gives a lecture on atopic dermatitis characteristics. Pop quiz! What are two other names atopic dermatitis goes by? 


    In general, we post videos that will help you study for boards (like the above!), including actual sessions from our peds review course, as well as helpful videos with study tips, how to submit your CME, and more. Why? Because we love making videos that help you study stronger! So subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates when we post new videos. 

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