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    5 Most-Watched Pediatrics Videos of 2019

    Physicians loved the videos we made in 2019—especially pediatricians. We make all kinds of videos for you, including videos that help you prepare for boards. We like video as a format because it’s visual: you can see the session teachers, view medical images and session slides, and watch it at your own pace. 

    We also have 108 peds-related videos on our YouTube channel… and they’re completely free to watch! We generally post videos that will help you study for boards, including actual sessions from our peds review course, as well as generally helpful videos with study tips, how to submit your CME, etc. 

    Here’s the videos pediatricians loved watching in 2019. 

    1. Pulmonary Medicine | 2019 Pediatrics Video Board Review

    This is an excerpt from the 2019 Pediatrics Video Board Review pulmonary medicine lecture, presented by Mohannad Mannaa, MD.

    With every Video Board Review we make, we also put “snippets” of the sessions on YouTube—and those undoubtedly become our most-watched videos. This video from our 2019 Video Board Review earned 19,790 views in 2019, bringing it to 20K+ views!


    2. Nephrology & Urology | 2019 Pediatrics Video Board Review

    This is an excerpt from the 2019 Pediatrics Video Board Review nephrology & urology lecture, presented by Beth A. Vogt, MD.

    One of our Peds Review Course lecturers, Beth A. Vogt, MD, goes over the causes of Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome, and how to treat it. It garnered 16,995 views in 2019! 


    3. Cardiology | 2018 Pediatrics Video Board Review

    In this excerpt from the 2018 MedStudy Peds Video Board Review, Arthur S. Pickoff, MD, discusses the most common etiology of syncope in children.

    Naturally, our top 3 most-watched pediatrics videos of 2019 are all from our Peds Video Board Review. But this snippet comes from a previous year, our 2018 Peds Video Board Review. This one rounds out the top 3 list of 2019. Dr. Pickoff is one of our highest-rated speakers, and right away in this video you can see why! 


    4. Neonatology | 2019 Pediatrics Video Board Review

    This is an excerpt from the 2019 Pediatrics Video Board Review neonatology lecture, presented by M. Jawad Javed, MD.

    Jawad Javed, MD. takes pediatricians at our 2018 review course through neonatology content. In this snippet video, we catch him right in the middle of giving a detailed explanation of how the placenta is formed. 


    5. Infectious Disease | 2019 Pediatrics Video Board Review

    This is an excerpt from our 2019 Pediatrics Video Board Review infectious disease lecture, presented by Michael Bolton, MD.

    Here, Dr. Michael Bolton, MD, presents an audience response question during a session from our 2018 Pediatric Review Course. Watch now to see if you can make the right diagnosis! 


    We love making videos that help you study stronger—and we can tell you like them, too! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updated when we post new videos. 

    This year, we made some really exciting advances in our video board review to make your study experience even more efficient and enjoyable. 

    And if you’re looking for a way to stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening for pediatricians in 2021, get a copy of our 2021 Important Dates Calendar. Once you download it, we’ll send you the annual calendar, and also check in with you every quarter to let you know what’s coming up next! 


    *data was pulled on 12/25/19, for 1/1/19-12/25/19.

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