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    5 Ways To Jump Start Your Exam Prep

    Are you stuck at procrastination station waiting for your train to the boards? If you keep thinking that you have plenty of time to start studying, you’re setting yourself up for a stressful year. With all that’s already on your plate, taking that first step to exam prep is always the hardest. The solution? Simplify your game plan!

    Make a List of What You Need

    Lee Iacocca, an American business leader, said that “the discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.” Whether it’s reviewing resources, setting aside dedicated study time, or getting family buy-in, put your requirements in writing.

    Start Gathering the Items on Your List

    Obvious as this step sounds, you can’t skip it! Deciding on and purchasing your study tools takes research and an investment. Gaining family buy-in requires a conversation or two. Sorting out time to study may take some creative planning and reshuffling of your calendar. Set yourself up for success by gathering everything you need in advance.

    If You’re Nervous, Write About It

    Anxious thoughts take up space in your working memory, making it harder to focus on the task at hand. Left unaddressed, anxiety can lead to procrastination. Studies show that people who write about their fears before a high-stakes exam perform better than those who don’t. Once you acknowledge your stress, you’ll be in a better position to focus on prep.

    Preview Topics for Study

    This isn’t studying per se—it’s assessing what you know and what you don’t know. Try some Q&As on various topics—maybe put those on your to-do list—and see where you stand. Previewing topics gives you an idea of what you need to study most, but it also makes your mind “sticky” for more information.

    Set up a Study Calendar

    If you need help with this, read through our free StudyWise. Your assessment when you 'preview' topics will guide how much time you build into each specialty. Be realistic about your start date, keeping in mind that the earlier you begin, the more relaxed your pace of study will be.


    Many of us go into high-stress, freak-out mode when we study because we focus on the terrible need to pass this or that exam. Following The MedStudy Method when you study allows you to put a calm, high-intensity focus on the processes that are sure to achieve this same goal and, in addition, put that information into your long-term, immediately accessible knowledge bank. So, no need to worry; trust the method, and you can put your valuable energy into the optimum learning processes rather than wasting it on freakouts, procrastinations, and brain paralysis.

    science backed learning hacksOnce your study calendar is booked, you’re on your way! Follow us @MedStudyStrong for more tips and tricks to optimize your review going forward.

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