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    AAP Issues New Guidelines Just in Time for Flu Season

    You can recognize the upcoming season from a mile away. Normal voices suddenly sound froggy, clean noses suddenly become runny, and sneezes echo through the halls. Flu season is right around the corner and it seems as if the American Academy of Pediatrics is saying ‘tis the season, too. While the flu most often means a few miserable days for adults, it can be much more dangerous for children, whose immune systems are not fully developed. To reduce the risk of spreading germs year-round, the American Academy of Pediatrics released updated guidelines on best practices for keeping patient waiting rooms clean and preventing the spread of germs.

    The statement released by AAP noted that many people often receive care at doctors’ offices and outpatient clinics rather than hospitals, so the standard of hygiene and cleanliness in an office should reflect that of a hospital. The updated guidelines expand upon guidelines released in 2007 that addressed the cleanliness of toys in waiting rooms.  One specific example is the presence of “furry toys” in the waiting room; once labeled as a less desirable option, the guidelines recently released state that furry toys “should generally be avoided.” Additionally, the importance of hand hygiene was reiterated.

    New to the guidelines, AAP suggests making flu shots mandatory for all staff members at pediatrician’s offices and outpatient facilities. Additionally, the guidelines suggest that the healthcare facilities provide the flu vaccine annually to their staff at no cost. 

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