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    The ABP Content Outline for Your Pediatric Exam

    Updated on 7/7/21

    While we’ll never know exactly the questions that’ll be on the pediatric exams, we can look to the ABP content specifications to discover the topics that will be tested on, as well as the percentage weight of each topic in the pediatric exam. MedStudy Pediatrics tools are carefully created according to the ABP content outline. 

    That means that the content in MedStudy study tools will be reflective of what you’ll see on the exam. In our pediatric exam study tools, you'll see a balance of scenarios that can be applied to your clinical practice, including: 

    • Basic Science and Pathophysiology
    • Epidemiology and Risk Assessment 
    • Diagnosis 
    • Management and Treatment 

    Once you’ve reviewed MedStudy, you’ll feel confident walking into your Pediatric Certification Exam.

    The ABP Content Specifications for Your Pediatric Exam

    The pediatric board exam content outline applies to the initial certification, maintenance of certification, and in-training examinations. It separates the knowledge necessary for practice as a general pediatrician into 25 major content areas, or "content domains." 

    ABP content outline for pediatric exam

    The ABP content outline

    ABP Pass Rates for Pediatric Exam

    The ABP certification and recertification exams passing scores are established by "standard-setting"—meaning that a panel of practicing physicians determines the level of knowledge (based on an established model) an examinee must demonstrate to pass the exam. 

    ABP certification pass rates for 2017: 88%

    ABP certification pass rates for 2018: 91%

    ABP certification pass rates for 2019: 87%

    ABP certification pass rates for 2020: 87%

    ABP recertification pass rates for 2017: 95%

    ABP recertification pass rates for 2018: 92%

    ABP recertification pass rates for 2019: 87%

    ABP recertification pass rates for 2020: 93%

    *Note that the numbers of MOC test-takers were noticeably smaller in 2017-2019 than in previous years because the majority of those certified in General Pediatrics whose MOC Part 3 exams were due in 2017–2018 participated in the MOCA-Peds pilot program.


    Ready to jump into studying for your exam? Start a free trial of our Pediatrics learning tools now! You can start with our 2021 Pediatrics Video Board Review.

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