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    Implement Flashcard Fridays Using Pediatric Board Review Flashcards

    *Updated on 10/27/20

    There's no arguing—Studying with our Pediatric Board Review Flashcards help you identify patterns and build your knowledge with speedy recall.

    Dr. Be, a pediatrician who passed her boards using MedStudy's study solutions, started doing Flashcard Fridays on her Instagram to help keep herself and her followers brushed up on pediatric clinical skills. Here are some of our favorite posts from Dr. Be's study journey. 

    FYI: You're going to see some really cute dogs in this blog post. 

    Dr. Be's Pediatric Board Review Flashcard Fridays From Her Instagram 

    medstudys pediatric flashcards opened so you can see all of the colorful topics Dr. Be's post from October 2019

    "Being done with board exams (for now) does not mean the learning or studying ever stops! Busting the @medstudystrong #pediatrics flashcards back out and brushing off the (literal & figurative) cobwebs. Did you know you can earn CME & MOC credits for doing your flashcards? Learning is lifelong.. but getting credit for it sure helps! I’ll be re-instituting #FlashcardFriday starting next week. Join in on the fun!

    doctor be holding one of medstudys pediatric flashcards Dr. Be's post from October 2019

    "Hint: I completed my public health practicum in Panama, where all 9-year-olds receive their HPV vaccine as part of their routine vaccination series. Promotores and nurses go into remote communities and administer vaccines at school!" 

    doctor be holding a medstudy pediatric flashcard in front of her adorable dogDr. Be's post from November 2019

    "Hint: a lot of times, region or location will be a major clue to the answer!"

    doctor be holding a medstudy pediatric flashcard in front of her adorable dogDr. Be's post from January 2020

    "Should this infant be evaluated immediately, or can we wait? To make the most of your flashcards even when it’s a first order question, think about the causes of neonatal jaundice and the work up / management of each. Studying with flashcards is about so much more than just getting the answer right or wrong.

    Use Pediatric Board Review Flashcards to Practice Recall  

    What does she mean when she says "Studying with flashcards is about so much more than just getting the answer right or wrong?" We have an idea. Studies have proven, practicing recall of facts, concepts, and processes is the sole way to convert that information into durable, easily recalled long-term memories.

    As you continually practice recall, you should always try to dredge up all the information you can from your brain before reading the answer or explanation.

    How To Start Your Own Flashcard Fridays

    What better way to practice recall than to get started on your own Flashcard Fridays? Order your box of 1,000+ flashcards now and get started. If you end up posting them on Instagram like Dr. Be did, make sure you tag us! 


    Need ideas of where to study with your pediatric board review flashcards? We've got you covered with these 21 spots

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