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    Pass Your Boards With Our Pediatric Board Review Solutions

    Updated 11/18/21

    At MedStudy, we are invested in helping pediatric residents and physicians improve and retain the knowledge they need at every stage of their medical careers. Our Pediatric board review resources provide study tools in multiple formats built according to the most up-to-date guidelines to help you pass your exam or further your knowledge in daily practice. Choose between a print, digital or all-access (super value!) package.

    Choose Your Pediatric Board Review Essentials

    print peds study strong essentialsMedStudy Study Strong Essentials in print

    Our powerhouse study package includes three vital study tools that work together to stimulate deep learning and improve recall of board-relevant facts and information. The Pediatrics Study Strong Print Essentials include:

    • 10th Edition Pediatrics Core (5-book set)

    • Pediatrics Board-Style Q&As (1-year digital access)

    • Pediatrics Flashcards (1,000+ print flashcards)

    • Personal Trainer (your super-smart personalized learning guide)

    peds digital study strong essentials

    MedStudy Study Strong Essentials in digital

    Do you want to be able to study from anywhere with your computer or smartphone? You'll love our digital study experience. The Pediatrics Study Strong Digital Essentials include:

    • Pediatrics Digital Core (3-year access, with ongoing content updates)

    • Pediatrics Board-Style Q&As (1-year digital access)

    • Pediatrics Digital Flashcards (1-year digital access)

    • Personal Trainer (your super-smart personalized learning guide)


    Peds Study Strong System

    Get it all with the All Access package.

    Do you want it all? And for our best value? With the All-Access Package, you’ll get each package component (Core, Q&As, and Flashcards) in both print and digital format. Even better, you'll save over $600 with this bundle and get everything below

    • 10th Edition Pediatrics Core (5-book set)
    • Pediatrics Digital Core (3-year access, with ongoing content updates)

    • Pediatrics Board-Style Q&As (1-year digital access)

    • Pediatrics Flashcards (1,000+ print flashcards)
    • Pediatrics Digital Flashcards (1-year digital access)

    • Personal Trainer (your super-smart personalized learning guide)


    Review The Most Updated Peds Curriculum

    Peds Core

    MedStudy Core in print or digital

    Our Pediatrics Core is the source of truth for all MedStudy Pediatrics material. It comprehensively covers everything you need to know in our concise, yet casual style - nothing more, nothing less.

    The Core is also written to cover the ABP exam content outline to help you confidently and competently take on the boards. Along with the Core, you’ll also receive our StudyWise guide, which contains proven test-prep strategies to help you successfully prepare for your exam. 

    Choose the printed format for a set of 5-books (and a handy shelf case!) you can keep on your bookshelf forever, or choose the digital Core for 3-years of access to content with all the latest guideline updates.


    Quiz Yourself with Board-Style Pediatrics Questions

    MedStudy Pediatrics Q&A Bank Premium

    MedStudy Board-Style Q&A 

    Pediatrics Board-Style Q&As allow you to fully customize your study sessions. With over 2,000 board-style questions designed to cover the ABP blueprint, myriad self-testing possibilities are at your fingertips.

    Each question includes detailed explanations for every correct and incorrect answer and footnotes link you to relevant topics in the Core for more in-depth review.


    Put it All Together with Personal Trainer

    personal trainer

    Personal Trainer will guide you through your study goals.

    This super-smart, personalized learning guide brings the Core and Q&A content together into your interactive study board with custom study plans built according to your goals and study pace. You’ll get access to Personal Trainer when you purchase Study Strong Essentials (in any format!) to make the most of each study session to ensure you cover everything you need to know.

    It’s designed with the evidence-based MedStudy Method for the most effective way to move what you're studying into your long-term memory. Every week your study board will show your weekly to-do list of topics to Preview, Study, or Retrieve according to the best evidence-based learning techniques. It's truly the best way to cover all the essential Pediatrics knowledge you need to pass your board exam and keep your practice up to date.


    Test Your Knowledge With Fact-Filled Pediatrics Flashcards

    MedStudy Pediatric Flashcards

    MedStudy Pediatrics Flashcards in print or digital

    Test your knowledge of illness scripts and important pediatric concepts (including subject areas from the ABP content outline) with Pediatrics Flashcards. Our flashcards provide expository answers that encourage interconnected learning and help create retrieval cues to improve your recall in your practice or during your next exam.

    Flashcards effectively identify and eliminate knowledge gaps, especially when used with our other study solutions. The digital Flashcards are on the same platform as our Board-Style Q&A for easier transition between formats during your study sessions.

    The digital Flashcards and Core are linked together so you can instantly find more information about any answer from your Flashcards in your Core. The printed Flashcards also point you to where you can get more details in your Core.


    Take Pediatrics Audio Pearls On-The-Go

    MedStudy Pediatrics Core Audio Pearls

    If you’re looking to study while you commute, exercise, or work around the house, our Pediatrics Core Audio Pearls are the perfect add-on to your Study Strong package. The Audio Pearls contain high-yield nuggets of knowledge from the Core and help you fit more study time into your busy schedule.


    Attend the Online Peds Board Review Course

    Peds Study Strong System-3

    You can attend our Board Review Course from anywhere

    Our Online Pediatrics Board Review Course provides an opportunity to fully focus on your studies with a 6-day live stream course you can attend from anywhere. You’ll also receive a full-color printed syllabus containing all of the information covered in the course lectures to help you review during, and after the course is over.

    The course also includes 100 review questions and supplemental videos covering statistics and acid-based disorders. We'll also include a Q&A Shortcuts video with every audience response question shown back-to-back for easier self-testing.


    Study Wherever, Whenever With Pediatrics Board Review On Demand

    Peds Video board review

    MedStudy Pediatrics Video Board Review 

    Study at your own pace with the Pediatrics Video Board Review. You'll get 51+ hours of professionally-edited, HD quality videos from our live Course lectures, organized by topic. Videos range in run-time from a few minutes to an hour, so you can choose to watch specific video topics whenever it’s convenient (and, as many times as you like!).

    The Pediatrics Video Board Review gives you the choice of viewing the lectures via on-demand online streaming or a USB flash drive; both include a printed syllabus with all the slides and images presented in each video.


    Have A Sidekick During Your MOCA-Peds Exam

    Peds Study Strong System-4MedStudy QuickRef for MOCA-Peds

    Our resource designed specifically for physicians taking the MOCA-Peds Exam. MedStudy's MOCA-Peds QuickREF covers an overview of all of the 45 learning objectives covered during the MOCA-Peds.

    Use it to prep before the exam, and keep it with you during the exam as a resource during your five-minute answer period for each section. Pair with our Pediatrics Board-Style Q&As and use the MOCA-Peds filter to review and self-test with over 300 questions relevant to MOCA-Peds prior to kicking off each quarter.

    Try any of our Pediatric board review study solutions today to see how we can support your continuing education and help you pass your next exam!

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