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    3 Ways Our Review Course Syllabus Helps You Study Stronger

    Ah. MedStudy’s Course Syllabus (for the IM Review Course). We refer to the StudyWise Guide as a kickass guide; we should probably refer to our course syllabus as a “kickass syllabus,” as well. 

    Why, you ask? For starters, since the course syllabus is a HUGE part of your review, we've spent years perfecting it.

    Our review course syllabus truly serves as a comprehensive resource for everything you learn. It contains every single slide from the course, formatted for easy reading and note-taking (more on notes below). Plus, it’s printed in full color with images, figures, charts, and illustrations.

    So let’s walk through the ways you can use the course syllabus to #StudySTRONG.

    1. You don't have to take notes

    2023 im review course syllabus

    The syllabus is completely unique to MedStudy's board review courses, and we take great care in its creation. It allows you to focus on what's being said during the course, not on taking notes. The syllabus, as you’ll remember from five sentences ago, contains each course slide. So you don't have to write down everything you see. Instead, you can focus on reviewing the content and adding your own notes as necessary. 

    Pro Tip: The beginning of each section has a table of contents. You can highlight the topics you want to go back over later and any slides you deem important. 

    2. Quiz yourself with Audience Response Questions 

    Not only does the syllabus have all the slides and pictures presented during the Review Course, it also has every Audience Response Question. (These are questions that MedStudy speakers ask participants during the course.) 

    Audience Response Question from the IM Course SyllabusAudience Response Question from the course syllabus

    Then, at the end of each section, you'll see a recap of all of the Audience Response Questions with the correct answers and explanations. Study the explanations to deepen your understanding and sink the information into your long-term memory. 

    You can go back through and look over these questions to enhance your learning. The more you go over questions, the stronger your recall of the information will be.

    3. See all the medical images and illustrations in full color

    The syllabus wasn't always as impressive as the one you see above! Over time, we got feedback from our attendees—like that the medical images and illustrations should be in color—which helped us shape it into the best syllabus available. 

    Medical illustrations are one of the most effective learning tools out there. Since the syllabus is packed-full of accurate drawings and figures, it serves to truly set our review course apart.

    Full-color images from the IM Review Course SyllabusImages from the course syllabus in full color


    Use the syllabus to follow along during the course, review lecture content on your own, and build your confidence for exam day.

    Get your syllabus when you sign up for the Internal Medicine Review Course today!

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