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    The Best Med School Study System. Ever.

    You did it! You made it to med school. Now what?

    Many students begin with hunting for study material to help with both course work and USMLE Step exams—piecing together study tools like First Aid, Kaplan, and UWorld, and combining them with other material to bolster their course work.

    Allow us to let you in on a secret: MedStudy just launched a study system for all four years of med school, designed to help you excel in class AND ace your exams. With the Medical Student Study Strong System, you’ll use the Student Core to master class material and then reinforce that knowledge by using the Q&As to prepare for exams. The goal is to be successful in all areas of med school with one comprehensive system.

    So, let’s dive in. We built this revolutionary system from the ground up to support medical students throughout their entire med school experience and help build the foundation for an excellent career. The Medical Student Study Strong System is designed to ease the two biggest stressors in med school: what to study, and how to study it.

    You see, we’ve been dedicated to solving these problems for internal medicine and pediatrics physicians for decades. Over the last 30 years, we’ve innovated and improved our study method, and we're excited to share all that progress with you. This study system is unlike anything that has been available for medical students before.

    Robert A "Tony" Hannaman, MD, system creator, tells you all about it!


    No Fluff, Just the Right Stuff

    med student core on digital and printed booksThe Medical Student Core in print and digital format.

    The Core clearly and concisely explains all the topics that you’ll encounter throughout medical school. Expert medical educators wrote core content to include what they know is critical for you to learn, while covering all items in the USMLE content outline. This ensures that you will do well on all in-class, Step, and Shelf exams.  

    The Core is a beautifully illustrated 20-volume set of books. The Medical Student Study Strong System includes both printed books and digital, so you don’t have to choose. Altogether, there are 3,300 pages of content with 1,320 images (including 860 exquisitely drawn figures) that cover everything you’ll need to know throughout your medical school education.

    Each section starts with a review of basic science, then progresses into clinical topics. Your entire learning process is made more coherent and robust by sequencing concepts in this way.

    Preview | Review questions at the beginning of each main topic help you focus on need-to-know information in each section. In the digital Core, you’ll also get one-click access to the Step 1 and/or Step 2 questions on that main topic. (Clinical focus comes with Step 2 questions only.)


    Best Questions Ever!

    med student qbank+ on computer and phoneStep 1 and Step 2 Qbank+ questions.

    What makes these the best? First, they cover the most tested material and include detailed explanations (why the correct answer is correct and the wrong answers are wrong). Not only that, but by clicking on the core topic link in the explanation you  instantly jump to the same topic in the digital Core. The "+" in Qbank+ reminds you of this interlinking with the Medical Student Core content. It's the only Qbank that has this capability! 

    Our Qbank+ has over 3,000 expertly-written questions presented in the same format you’ll see on your USMLE exams. 1,500 Step 1 questions focus on understanding and application of basic science principles, and 1,500 Step 2 questions focus on clinical knowledge.


    Personal Trainer Guides Your Study

    med student personal trainerPersonal Trainer Study board with topics for the week.

    This interactive learning guide takes you through the three stages of the learning process using all the material in Core and Qbank+. It helps you plan and then organizes and tracks all you do. Forget about creating study calendars or timelines, Personal Trainer does it all for you. 

    You’ll start by answering a few questions to set up your study plan with the topics you want to cover and your deadline. Personal Trainer creates a study board for you with all the topics you’ll need to cover for the week. The study board keeps track of everything you’ve done and updates daily based on the progress you’ve made. New study units are added each week. You can change the topics you want to cover or your study pace at any time.

    To find out more about how Personal Trainer thinks, check out StudyWise. It’s full of kickass brain-hacking techniques for studying more effectively. Learn about how memory works, learning myths, learning truths, and how to learn with the most effective techniques.

    StudyWise TipsStudyWise debunks these common learning myths.


    Using the Medical Student Study Strong System throughout medical school, you will build the perfect knowledge foundation for residency and practice while simultaneously prepping for in-class, Step, and Shelf exams. No cramming necessary!

    Want to see how the Medical Student Study Strong System takes the stress out of med school? Start a free trial today to get access to the entire musculoskeletal section of the Core, Step 1 Qbank+, Step 2 Qbank+, and Personal trainer for 30 days. Plus, did you know that our Heart Sounds and Skin Signs are available as 24-hour free trials? Click through to check it out!

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