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    Top 20 #TipsForNewDocs Tweets for New Residents

    This post goes out to all the newly-minted residents out there! Congrats! 🎉 You made it through match day and the first bit of your residency and are entering the “real world” of medicine. Luckily, there are plenty of docs who precede you that post Tweets. How will that help, you may ask? Well, we scoured Twitter and found the top 20 #TipsForNewDocs shared by docs who have “been there, done that.” Now you can learn from their experiences:

    1) Dr. Cedrek McFadden, reminds us that “a short pencil is better than a long memory.”


    2) “There are 2 types of interns: Interns who make checklists… and interns who struggle.” – Dr. Nathan Gray


    3) Speaking of checklists, @katie_harmoney compares them to a life raft.


    4) @k_d85 shares with us his three most important purchases for doctoring. Numbers 1 and 2 will help you accomplish the previous three tips.


    5) There’s a reason that note taking tips were number 1–4 on our list. Thanks for this understated tip, @DGlaucomflecken.Tips5

    6) Dr. Andy Little chimes in with a reality check: Your plan vs. Reality...Tips6

    7) “Not knowing something is ok.” – Dr. Emily FridenmakerTips7

    8) If you don’t know, use this line from @dr_ashwitt:Tips8

    9) “Two heads really are better than one, three are better than two, etc.” – Dr. Gavin Preston


    10) While on the topic of being humble, Dr. Gavin Preston earns two spots on our #TipsForNewDocs list.Tips10

    11) You know what they say about assuming... “NEVER assume the relationship between any two people in the room.” – Dr. Chris CookTips11

    12) Again, on the topic of assuming —thanks for the tip Dr. Mark Reid.Tips12

    13) Get a mentor. Heck get 10! Dr. Heidi James emphasizes the importance of mentorship.Tips13

    14) “If you are doing a 24 hour call, shower sometime during that shift at the hospital.” – Dr. Sam Urick


    15) Remember why you do this. “Slow down, take the extra few minutes to talk to your patient.” – Dr. Jon HagedornTips15

    16) Dr. Emily Fridenmaker also made her way into our top 20 list twice.  Her second piece of advice? Be smart about rationing your hospital food stamps! #LifeProTipTips16

    17) Dr. Andrew Kamps prompts us to involve students in patient care.Tips17

    18) 🙄🙄🙄  If you are guilty of the occasional eye roll, @BackFromTen’s advice is a good reminder.


    19) Dr. Viren Kaul, there has to be a story behind this Tweet...Tips19

    20) To wrap up the top 20 list, let’s remember this tip from Dr. Edward Lew:Tips20

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