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    Watch This Quick Review of Tourette Syndrome

    Take just two minutes and watch a quick review on characteristics and treatment of Tourette Syndrome from our latest 2022–2023 Pediatrics Video Board Review. This snippet comes from the Behavioral Medicine and Substance Use Disorders section presented by Paul Catalana, MD.

    Pro Tip: Read through these five questions on Tourette Syndrome and dredge up all the info you can in your head about it. This is the Preview part of the MedStudy Method. Then watch the snippet below, paying extra attention to the highlighted text. The highlighted text includes must-know concepts for ABP boards.

    1. What is the average age for onset of Tourette Syndrome?
    2. At what age does Tourette Syndrome peak in severity?
    3. What are common comorbidities of Tourette Syndrome? 
    4. What are the treatments for mild Tourette Syndrome?
    5. What are the treatments for severe Tourette Syndrome? 


    Characteristics of Tourette Syndrome

    Snippet from the Behavioral Medicine Section

    Watch this snippet on characteristics of Tourette Syndrome from the Behavioral Medicine section of the 2022–2023 Pediatrics Video Board Review presented by Paul Catalana, MD.


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