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    What Makes MedStudy’s Med School Learning Tools Different than Others?

    Before we dive in, we'd like to acknowledge your hard work for wherever you're at right now! Maybe you just started medical school or maybe you're entering your second or third year. Wherever you're at on your study journey and medical career, we see you and know what it’s taken to get you there!

    Two of the hardest challenges when navigating medical school are figuring out what you need to study and how to study it. Plus, there are so many study materials out there that it's hard to narrow down exactly what you need to be successful. This is where the Medical Student Study Strong System comes into play. We built this revolutionary system to support medical students throughout their entire med school experience and help build the foundation for becoming an expert physician! 

    Here's what makes the MedStudy system different than anything else out there. 

    No More Frankenstein Study Plans 

    It probably hasn't been easy for you to create a study plan for medical school. Maybe you've asked around about study materials that friends or upperclassmen used during their study journey. And now, you're trying to piece together a study plan with resources like First Aid, Kaplan, and UWorld, and combining them with other material to create a big study schedule for boards. There's so much out there to read, let alone having to actually learn and recall it. This is what we call a "Frankenstein Study Plan"—A.K.A you're combining a bunch of tools, never knowing where your knowledge gaps might lie. Not to mention, some of the content will overlap, and some won't even be applicable to your coursework or exams. 


    Student System-1One system for all of medical school


    One System for USMLE® Step Exams and Excelling in Classes

    Now, you can use one system for all of medical school and USMLE® Step studying: Meet the Medical Student Study Strong System.

    The full 4-year system includes Medical Student Core in print and digital formats, Step 1 Qbank+, Step 2 Qbank+, and Personal Trainer. This complete system guides you through the subjects you'll encounter in your classes and exams, and is built to support how you progress through medical school.

    Take a look at MedStudy's full Medical Student Study Strong System

    What If I Don’t Need It All? 

    Maybe you're an MS3 and don't need the full system. Or, maybe you want to check out just 90 days of the Qbank+ before you decide to get the rest. Now, you can choose to purchase only the Qbank+ or Student Core. You can also choose between a 1-year, 2-year, or 4-year package. When you purchase the Core or a Study Strong System, the Personal Trainer is included (a $300/year value!) 

    Check out all the options

    qbank+ starting at 199

    student core starting at 449

    study strong system starting at 648


    Can I Use Medstudy For COMLEX?

    Here's a question that we've been getting more and more recently. Though the Medical Student Study Strong System was specifically designed with the USMLE® Step 1 & 2 Exam Content Outlines in mind, the basic science and clinical knowledge that the system instils is the same across the board. Keep in mind though, the system will not go into Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM). 

    Want to check out the Medical Student Study Strong System? Start a free trial now and get the full Musculoskeletal section for 30 days. 

    gif of scrolling through the core

    An inside look at the Musculoskeletal section as part of the Medical Student Study Strong System

    A Study Schedule That’s Personalized for You 

    Remember that second problem—the "how to study it" part? That's where Personal Trainer comes in. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of creating an effective study plan. Based on your individual study timeline, Personal Trainer will set up a dashboard that tells you exactly what you need to study, and when. 

    To start, you'll answer a quick set of interview questions about your study goals, your desired pace, and your timeline. Then your Personal Trainer will set-up your study plan and walk you through the three essential phases of study—preview, study, and spaced retrieval—to lock the must-know information into your long-term memory.  

    personal trainer study board

    Your study board will display everything you need to Preview, Study, and Review for the week.

    Personal Trainer sets-up study units for each topic, but you can re-order the study units to align with your coursework. Maybe you're taking Biochem and Pharm right now. Great! Adjust the study units in Personal Trainer to serve you those sections while you're in those classes.  

    Meet MedStudy's Personal Trainer


    With MedStudy, You’ll Learn How to Learn 

    Yes, you read that correctly. When you use the Medical Student Study Strong System, you'll actually learn how to lock knowledge into your long term memory. So you'll be able to easily access the information for an upcoming exam and then recall it later with patients. You can check out the StudyWise guide now (no purchase necessary) to get tips and tricks on how to study, and it will show you the method behind Personal Trainer. 


    So, in short, you no longer have to use a jumble of materials to study for med school exams because we've got you covered! With the Medical Student Study Strong System, there's no more cramming and no more confusion with multiple study materials.

    Don't just take it from us, hear it from Dr. Cherilyn Cecchini, a board-certified Pediatrician who used MedStudy to pass her boards. She talks about her study journey through medical school and how everything changed once she discovered MedStudy.

    cecchini quote on an orange background Read about Dr. Cecchini's study journey

    Not sure which option is right for you? Explore each component in the Medical Student Study Strong System below:


    Student Core

    medical student core on tablet and print books

    Get Student Core


    Step 1 & Step 2 Qbank+

    qbank plus on phone and laptop

    Get Step 1 Qbank+


    Get Step 2 Qbank+



    Student Study Strong System

    full medical student system

    Get the System

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