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    What the Pandemic Means for Your Upcoming Exam

    Updated: 4/27/20

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    The governing bodies of the medical community have communicated new updates about MOC requirements, exam dates, and guideline updates surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this week. We understand the immense pressure expert internists and pediatricians who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic are under. We strive to help consolidate all the information you’re seeking, into a single, easy-to-digest place.

    Additionally, if you’re looking for free resources for diseases that your patients with COVID-19 could develop, we’ve compiled excerpts from our 18th Edition Digital Core.


    Updates to the Internal Medicine Recertification Exam 

    Recently, ABIM President and CEO, Richard J. Baron, MD, released a statement saying that no one will lose their certification if they aren’t able to complete a requirement this year.

    Any physician who is currently certified and has MOC requirements—assessments, point requirement, or attestation—will now have until the end of 2021 to complete it. Physicians in their grace year will also be granted a grace year in 2021.

    The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) announced a 1 year extension of board eligibility status grated to graduating residents and other physicians seeking initial certification or recertification in 2020. Once Prometric centers re-open, you may still take your 2020 exam. 

    Is the ABIM Fall Recertification Exam Still Scheduled?

    In March, the ABIM canceled their spring MOC exams. Doctors who were signed up to take their recertification exam in the spring of 2020 were instructed to reschedule for the fall exam dates. And, as of publishing, the Fall ABIM recertification exams will be offered as planned, and you can still take your exam this year. The ABIM will send around information about additional 2020 and 2021 recertification exam dates, and how to register.

    The AOBIM and ABFM are communicating similar information—no worries if you can’t meet your MOC requirements this year due to the pandemic.


    Updates to Internal Medicine Certification Exam

    The ABIM has also been in communication about certification exams for newly minted doctors: you will still be able to take your certification exam this August. The ABIM is still planning on having the Summer Internal Medicine Initial Certification Examination at the time of publishing. Registration is open through 5/15/20, and they are waiving all late registration fees. 

    If you’re not able to test in August, they’re planning on offering additional testing dates in the fall and winter, which are yet to be announced. You need to register for the August exam by 5/15/20 to be eligible to reschedule for a later exam. 

    The AOBIM and ABFM certification exams are also happening as scheduled.

    The ABFM did cancel all spring exams, and they are sending verification letters to employers if you were unable to take the certification exam before your new position or fellowship begins (as long as your ACGME accredited residency programs signs off that you’ve met all other requirements to be board-eligible).


    Updates to the Pediatrics Recertification Exam

    Here’s What The ABP Is Saying

    The ABP released a similar statement to the ABIM, stating that “no pediatrician will lose their ABP certification because of the extraordinary patient care pressures associated with this pandemic.” In June 2020, the ABP will award MOC points for COVID-19-related learning and improvement to all certified pediatricians who have requirements due this year. These MOC points will satisfy any remaining Part 2 and Part 4 requirements, allowing all ABP-certified pediatricians with a cycle that ends in 2020 the ability to enroll in their next cycle.

    Proctored MOC Exams

    Prometric centers across the country closed on 3/17/20, and are scheduled to re-open on 5/1/20 as of publishing. Prometric operations are reaching out to individuals with testing appointments, and will communicate with you to reschedule your exam. All prometric rescheduling fees will be waived.

    Changes to This Year's MOCA-Peds Exam

    The MOCA-Peds exam covers a wide range of topics, and now the ABP is considering including questions on COVID-19. With the way to MOCA-Peds exam is structured, it won’t hurt your certification to have a few bad quarters—you can “drop” them from your score if needed. Current MOCA-Peds participants will now receive two extra dropped quarters to use in 2020 if they need them. If you wish to unplug from MOCA-Peds during the pandemic and concentrate your energies elsewhere, you may certainly choose that approach without any penalty.


    Updates to the Pediatrics Certification Exam

    Here’s What The ABP Is Saying

    The Fall certification exam is still happening as scheduled, and the ABP has waived all late registration fees. You’ll be able to register for your General Pediatrics Initial Certifying Exam through 5/15/20 at 3 P.M. ET.

    Several pediatric subspecialty certification exams were scheduled in March, but were moved to August. The late application fee has also been waived for these exams, and applications can be submitted through 3 P.M. ET on 4/30/20.


    At MedStudy, we want to extend our deepest support to you during this time. If you’re still planning on taking an exam this year, we’d love to do whatever we can to support you.

    We’ve extended our discount for Doctor’s Month to continue throughout April—use code DRMONTH to take $75 off your purchase of $500+.

    We also compiled excerpts from our Core that covers diseases related to COVID-19. We’re providing these as a free resource for you to brush up your knowledge during this challenging time.

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