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    3 Ways to Use Videos To Prep For Your Peds Certification

    Looking for a quick, yet comprehensive way to get board ready? Our Pediatrics Video Board Review is a great tool to use before boards to review each topic that will be on your exam. Here's how we recommend using the videos to get ready for your upcoming exam. 

    Watch the Videos All the Way Through Like a Board Review Course 

    Watch a snippet of each section of the Peds Video Board Review on YouTube

    The Pediatrics Video Board Review is a little over 51 hours of professionally-edited, HD quality videos from our live Review Course. To prep for boards, consider watching them all in a span of a 6-day period like you would with the course. If you don't have the time to watch them over a 6-day span, take a couple weekends before your exam and dedicate the time to watching the lectures. If you would rather attend a Review Course and ask the speakers questions during their sessions, sign up for our next Review Course Watch Party

    You can watch the Video Board Review more than once! Spend 6 months before your exam watching the videos all the way through as many times as you can. Then, a few weeks before your exam, hold your own “board review course” to watch the videos all the way through one last time.

    Combine the Videos with Q&As 

    The Pediatrics Board-Style Q&As are a semi-comprehensive review of each topic. These are board-style and highly focused questions with answers and full explanations. The Q&As can be used with the Video Board Review in 2 ways: either after the comprehensive review or in parallel with it (like, reviewing the same study units in each product at the same time). 

    In the MedStudy Method, a study unit is the study material you plan to address during one study session or set of sessions. Generally, a study unit should not be more than you can cover in a day or two and should be tightly-related material. The best place to source your study units from is the table of contents of the Video Board Review. 

    "I started with MedStudy videos and questions while I was still in residency. I would make them coincide with whatever rotation I was on just in case I had questions." Mandy Burnham, MD

    If you choose to review them after your comprehensive review, recognize which questions you have lower confidence answering and review that section of the Video Board Review once more to fill up any knowledge gaps you may have. 

    If you choose to review them by topic or "unit" as you go through the Video Board Review, you can watch each section and then make a Q&A session for that topic after you're finished. For example, watch the entire Gastroenterology section in the Video Board Review and then go through all the Gastroenterology Q&As

    Use the Videos During Dedicated Study Hours 

    Christ Hospital’s Residency Program has developed a great way to have their residents watch the Video Board Review multiple times before boards. And their pass rates have grown consistently the past 3 years since they started!

    Starting in January, PGY3s use their Thursday afternoons for board review. They watch the Video Board Review for 3–4 hours, and they finish all the videos by early May. Then, the program dedicates time in June to board review so that PGY3s can spend 6 hours per day studying—4 hours of watching the videos, and 2 hours answering Q&As. 


    Ready to get started? Begin your comprehensive review of Pediatric topics with the Video Board Review and supplement your review by self-testing with the Q&As

    Need more study tips? Check out our StudyWise guide

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