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    MedStudy’s 5 Most-Watched ABIM Review Videos of 2022

    Internists loved the ABIM review videos we added to our YouTube Channel in 2022! We specialize in internal medicine lectures that prep you for board exams and your daily practice. Video is a uniquely beneficial format to use for your review because you can:

    • See the expert physician educators in action
    • View detailed medical images and session slides
    • Review your knowledge with Audience Response questions along with the lecture 
    • Watch at your own pace

    After the video review I felt much more comfortable because I had a way to organize the information into “buckets” in my head. – Brittany Chatterton, MD, MBA, FACP


    Our YouTube channel provides free internal medicine lecture snippets for your review of the most high-yield information. We generally post videos that will help you study for boards, including actual sessions from our Internal Medicine Review Course. But you'll also see helpful videos with study tips, how to submit CME, and more. 

    Here are the top ABIM review video snippets internists loved watching in 2022. 

    1. DVT Workup | Pulmonary Medicine | ABIM Review Video

    Pulmonary Medicine ABIM review snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    With every Internal Medicine Video Board Review we release, we also post “snippets” of each expert-guided lecture on our YouTube channel. This most-watched video snippet from our 2022–2023 Internal Medicine Video Board Review was with speaker Dr. Raj Dasgupta on DVT workups

    FREE Internal Medicine Lectures: Watch the entire pulmonary medicine section video for free when you start the free trial


    2. DRESS Syndrome | Dermatology | ABIM Review Video

    Dermatology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    The second most-watched video in 2022 was this ABIM review video snippet where we catch Aaron J. Calderon, MD in the middle of his Dermatology lecture where he discusses DRESS syndrome.

    3. Congenital Hypothyroidism | Endocrinology | ABIM Review Video

    Endocrinology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    In the next video in the most-watched ABIM review countdown, we have Dr. Rayhan Lal's Endocrinology lecture. He discusses congenital hypothyroidism.


    4. Approach to Anemia | Hematology | ABIM Review Video

    Hematology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    Dr. Rishi Sawhney discusses his approach to anemia in this snippet of the hematology lecture from our Internal Medicine Video Board Review


    5. Features of Nephrotic Syndrome | Nephrology | ABIM Review Video

    Nephrology snippet from MedStudy's YouTube Channel

    Our Internal Medicine expert physician educator Manish Suneja, MD reviews the features of nephrotic syndrome in this ABIM review video snippet. 


    We love making videos that help you study stronger! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates when we post new videos. 

    Looking for brand new video lectures for 2023? Sign up for our online Internal Medicine Board Review Course March 11-15, or June 10-14. After the course is over, you'll have access to the video footage from every lecture for one year.  

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