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    Internal Medicine Review Course FAQs—Answered

    If you're taking an exam this year or just need a good review for practice, our Internal Medicine Review Course will be perfect for you. Since IM review courses vary based on who is hosting them, we thought we'd start by answering some questions you may have about how a MedStudy review course works.

    What's an Internal Medicine Review Course? | How's It Different From the Video Board Review

     Can I Get a Discount?Are the Lecturers Any Good? Does the Course Come With Questions?

     Will I Get Any Print Materials?

     How's the Quality of the Videos? | Can I Claim CME/MOC?

    What's an Internal Medicine Review Course?

    internal medicine review courseGet the newest lectures while engaging with the speakers at our Internal Medicine Review Course 

    The Internal Medicine Review Course is a comprehensive live review of the topics covered on the ABIM board blueprints, which makes it perfect for practice updates, too. You can get the review—and CME—you need by attending online or in person:

    • Online | March 16–20, 2024
    • Orlando, FL or Online | May 25–29, 2024

    For added flexibility, all course footage is sent to each attendee at the end of each day's session. This way, you'll be able to review on-demand as your schedule allows for a full year after the course is over. 

    If you choose the in-person course, you'll get an effective study without the distractions of your home or office. You'll also get to meet speakers and interact with them during the course or ask follow-up questions after each lecture. Not only will you move logically through the set schedule, but you'll be surrounded by people with similar interests and goals. Plus, if your office knows you're out of town, they won't call you with questions and interrupt your review.

    If you choose the online version of the course, you will be in control of your study environment. You will have the flexibility to study from wherever you want—your home office, a coffee shop, the break room. Just make sure your study space is comfortable for you, your internet connection is strong, and you're ready for an awesome review. Plus, you'll still have the ability to chat and interact with other physicians from around the world also attending the event, and ask clarifying questions that will be sent to each speaker and answered as the course progresses.

    Whether you choose the online or onsite version, studying doesn't have to end just because the course is over. Once the event has wrapped, you'll see the lecture footage in your myMedStudy account and have the full color, printed syllabus available to boost your review. You can also take the practice questions as many times as you need to over the next 12 months to make sure you have the material down pat.  

    How's it different from the Video Board Review?

    MedStudy's Internal Medicine Video Board Review is a professionally edited recording from the 2023 March Review Course. Although these videos allow much flexibility (you can watch the videos anytime and from almost anywhere), you are not able to engage with speakers.

    Bonus features of the Video Board Review also include the ability to add bookmarks and notes with ease, track your progress through the videos, and practice recall of the must-know information with a dedicated Question Review Video. Plus, you'll still get to deepen your study with the full color, printed syllabus.

    Access the Video Board Review in one of two ways:

    1. Watch the videos right away online through your myMedStudy account
    2. View view the videos from a device of your choosing using a USB in 3–5 business days from purchase


    But don't forget that with the live course, you'll be able to engage with both the speakers and other attendees during the event. Your review will be complete once the course is finished (all you'll have to do is practice recall until your exam!). And you'll be able to watch the videos for one year after the event is over.

    Can I get a discount? 

    As of publishing, our 2024 Internal Medicine course is still being offered at the early bird rate—but that ends soon so sign-up quick! Also, groups of 5 or more are also able to purchase all MedStudy learning tools at a discounted rate. You can reach out to our group partner team at any time to discuss the custom package you need.

    Are the lecturers any good? 

    John P. Higgins, MD Chief of Cardiology, Lyndon B Johnson General Hospital giving the Cardiology lecture at our 2020 Internal Medicine Board Review CourseJohn P. Higgins, MD Chief of Cardiology, Lyndon B Johnson General Hospital giving the Cardiology lecture

    Simply put, our lecturers are amazing. We search far and wide, high and low to find the best specialists who engage and impress our Course attendees. Many of our presenters are highly lauded in their specialties, and some are recognizable on the national stage (we’re looking at you, Dr. Raj Dasgupta). Throughout the event, you’ll get guidance from our 14 world-class speakers on exactly what you need to know for board exams and updating your knowledge for practice. Plus, they'll answer any questions you have during their presentations.

    Our lecturers only focus on reviewing the information that will actually be relevant, so you won’t have to worry about sifting through excess information that won’t be on the boards. And you won’t have to sit through lectures from the same doc for every specialty. We hand-select top speakers for each specialty to fill your review with engaging lectures. 

    Does the course come with questions? 

    During the course, each speaker will ask Audience Response Questions that you'll answer live (and be able to see how your peers answered too!). The recordings of the course—to which you have 12-month access—include every Audience Response Question for your review. Also, the printed, full-color syllabus lists every question so you can practice recall using this form of study as well.  

    additional practice questions from the internal medicine review courseThe Internal Medicine Review Course comes with plenty of options for practicing recall of key information. 


    Will I get any print materials? 

    Yes, you'll receive a printed full-color syllabus. Unique to MedStudy, is the high-quality, professionally-produced printed syllabus that accompanies your Internal Medicine review course. Our raved-about 500+ page full-color syllabus contains every slide shown throughout the event, formatted for easy reading.

    500+ page full color printed syllabusThe 500+ page full-color, printed syllabus is a course attendee favorite.

    Additionally, each section starts with a table of contents and ends with the answers to all of the audience response questions. All abbreviations used throughout the course are listed in the back. We take great care when we make this syllabus so that you can focus on what's being said, not on taking notes. And your course syllabus ships free to the contiguous U.S.

    How's the quality of the course videos? 

    An inside look at what the slides will look like during the eventAn inside look at what the slides will look like during the event

    They're professionally-produced HD videos, so the audio and video quality is better than being there in person! You'll be able to see and hear everything that's happening very clearly. The slides and the speaker are crystal-clear. You can see the speakers—including their gestures—like you're sitting right in front of them in the course room. 

    Can I claim CME credits and MOC points? 

    Absolutely. If an Internal Medicine CME course is what you are looking for, this review course has you covered. When you attend the course, you're eligible to claim 41 CME credits and MOC points. After the event is over, you can easily claim from your myMedStudy account under "CME/MOC." And, if you have any trouble claiming, you can always reach out to our Support Team for help. We have a dedicated CME manager on staff to support you through the claiming process.


    Still have questions about the Internal Medicine Review Course that you’d like us to answer? Let us know. 

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