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    Everything You Need to Know About ABIM’s Knowledge Check-In

    For the first time since it launched its maintenance of certification (MOC) program in 1990, the ABIM has taken a critical look at the program and has made profound changes. Physician feedback, requesting more relevance and convenience in the experience, has been heard. The result is the Knowledge Check-In, a new online MOC Part 3 assessment.

    What Is the KCI Exam Cycle? 

    • Recertification exams are on a 2-year cycle. The first specialties to roll out are internal medicine and nephrology in 2018; other subspecialties will follow in 2019 and 2020.
    • Testing is available 4–6 times a year. The remaining test dates in 2018 are internal medicine on September 12 and 15, November 20, and December 1, and nephrology on November 1 and 6.

    What Is The Exam Like? 

    • 3 hours are allotted for the new exam, versus 8–10 hours for the traditional proctored exam.
    • The exam is “open book.” During testing you’ll have access to ABIM’s online external resource, UpToDate®.
    • Your testing is recorded, not live proctored. You may be able to view your results onscreen at the end of your exam, but because of quality assurance processes, ABIM may not be able to determine your results that quickly. You’ll receive a complete score report 3–4 weeks after the exam.

    What Are The Benefits Of The ABIM Knowledge Check-In? 

    • It’s currently lower stakes than the traditional proctored exam—a single failure doesn’t result in loss of certification. 2018 is a “no-consequence” year, so if you fail once, you can take the Knowledge Check-In again in 2020 without losing your certification.
    • You may take the exam at your home or workplace—or at a test center. Some choose to take the Knowledge Check-In at a test center to avoid technical glitches. Watch the ABIM video to get a feel for what to expect.

    Plan for Your Next Exam

    Remember: You can’t take the Knowledge Check-In if your certification lapses. If you fail a Knowledge Check-In two times in a row, you must take the proctored exam the following year. 

    Did you just recently certify? It’s a good plan to take the Knowledge Check-In 7–8 years after your initial certification, giving yourself a 2-year cushion to retake it.

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