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    How to Get CME Credits Fast

    One of the number one questions we get asked here at MedStudy is: "How can I claim CME Credits as quickly as possible?!"

    With the Board-Style Q&As, you can start claiming CME and MOC the same day you get the question bank! Not only are the Q&As the best test prep strategy known to mankind, they're also the best way to earn CME in a hurry. 

    Not sure how many CME or MOC credits you need this year? See our Complete Guide to Physician CME and MOC Requirements

    Here's what you'll need to know if you're in a rush and and asking "how do I get CME credits fast?!" 

    How to get CME Credits Fast With Board-Style Q&As

    Almost every one of our study solutions include CME credits and MOC points, with the added benefit of choosing from various formats based on how you study best. BUT, by far the quickest way to earn and claim CME is the Board-Style Q&As.

    One of the many really awesome things about the Board-Style Q&As is that you'll actually earn CME credits as you answer questions. That means that for every four questions you answer correctly in the Q&As, you'll receive one CME credit and one MOC point. No post test required! Simply earn as you work through the Q&As. 

    Internal Medicine Board-Style Q&As

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    image of the q and a product on a laptop computer and ipad with 100 cme and moc on top of it with an orange banner

    Pediatrics Board-Style Q&As

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    image of the q and a product on a laptop computer and ipad with 100 cme and moc on top of it with an orange banner


    Answer Board-Style Questions for Fast CME

    If you need 25 CME credits in a hurry, technically, you'll only need to go through about 100 questions! (If you get them all correct.) With 12-month access to the Q&As, you can earn a maximum of 100 points by going through just 400 of the 1,700+ questions for Internal Medicine or 2,000+ questions for Pediatrics. 

    topic filtering in the Q and a bank

    Our Q&As allow you to filter topics and study only what you need to get quick CME

    Feeling confident in a certain topic? When you start a Q&A session you have the option to customize your experience by selecting the number of questions you want to answer, and the topics you'd like to study from. That way, you can breeze through the questions and get the credits you need!

    Plus, we update information and add in new questions throughout the year. So, while you’re going through the Q&As and earning CME, you will also be strengthening your knowledge recall of the information, so it’s top-of-mind the next time you’re seeing a patient. Two birds, one stone. 

    Take the Q&As With You on the Go

    Since the Q&As is all online, you get immediate access upon purchase and can start answering questions and earning credits right away. Plus, it’s easy to use from your phone or mobile device. Just use your device’s Internet browser to access your myMedstudy account and voilà! Your online Q&As are ready for you.

    How do I Claim My CMEs Once I’ve Answered Questions?

    Claim your MedStudy CME and MOC credits with this step-by-step video

    Ready to claim your CME credits after working through questions in your Q&As? We've outlined six easy steps to claim your CME credits and MOC points including a video with step-by-step instructions. 


    Don’t procrastinate claiming your CME this year! Get started with the Board-Style Q&As for Internal Medicine or Pediatrics now and start earning!

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