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    Looking for a Pediatric Podcast Alternative? Check Out Audio Pearls

    Looking for a way to study while you're on the go? We get it! It's hard to get in dedicated study time, so it's important to transform your time doing other tasks into study time. 

    Core Audio Pearls—a Pediatric Podcast Alternative 

    Check out this snippet on Developmental Milestones from the 11th Edition Pediatrics Core Audio Pearls

    Though you won't find the new 11th Edition Pediatrics Core Audio Pearls on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, MedStudy offers a Pediatric Podcast alternative. Here's how it works:

    When you download the MedStudy Media App, or go to your myMedStudy account using your internet browser and get the Pediatrics Core Audio Pearls, you can listen to them from your mobile device. Use it anytime you’re on the go as long as you have internet access, since they are not downloadable.

    The Audio Pearls have an easy-to-use interface and personalized experience which allow you to get the most out of the pearls and thus, the most out of your time studying. While using the pearls, you are able to quickly find and bookmark your favorite explanations, keep notes, and playback different sections at your own pace.   

    Try out our Pediatric Podcast alternative for FREE! Start a free trial of the Peds Core Audio Pearls and hear the entire Cardiology section now.

    pediatrics audio pearls are like a pediatrics podcast, take it with you on the go!


    Get the Pediatrics Core Audio Pearls Now 

    • 55 hours of audio review 
    • Topic coverage informed by the ABP blueprint 
    • Claim up to 55 CME credits and MOC points
    • 10 engaging experts give high-yield pearls


    Pediatric Core Audio Pearls FAQs

    These are the top questions that our customers ask about Peds Core Audio Pearls:

    How is the content for the Audio Pearls created?

    To create the Pediatrics Core Audio Pearls, our contributors take the high-yield content of the Pediatrics Core and conjure up the most important exam details to share in their sections of the pearls. 

    How will the Audio Pearls help me prepare for my exam? 

    The Audio Pearls are designed to help pediatricians study more medicine in less time with “pearls,” or high-yield nuggets of knowledge. Sections are recorded by different physician educators who specializes in those topics, you'll hear from a total of 10 speakers. When you see the content from the Audio Pearls on your exam or in your practice, you’ll be able to recall the information more confidently! 

    How many CME credits and MOC points are available?

    You can claim up to 50 CME credits and MOC points. 


    Start the pediatric podcast alternative and turn your time on your commute to work, time at the gym, or walking the dog into much-needed board prep time! 

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