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    Meet John Higgins, MD—Internal Medicine Board Review Conference Speaker

    With 98% of course attendees rating John Higgins, MD, good, very good, or excellent at our March Internal Medicine Board Review Conference this year, we had to get some of his tips. We picked his brain about how much fun he has at MedStudy Courses and his resiliency tips for other physicians. 

    Dr. Higgins has been working with MedStudy since 2012 and has used his extensive cardiology knowledge in projects like the Core, Audio Pearls, Q&As, and of course, has been a speaker for our Courses and Video Board Reviews over the years.

    He completed medical school at the University of Queensland, residency at University of Missouri, then his fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He's now the Chief of Cardiology at Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital.

    Meet Our IM Review Course Cardiology Speaker: John Higgins, MD speaking at the course

     Dr. Higgins speaking at our Internal Medicine Review Conference

    Dr. Higgins' Tips for Studying at our Internal Medicine Board Review Conference 

    Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 5.00.29 PM

    When you attend a course online, you'll see a live feed of the slide and speaker

    Here's an inside look at what he had to say about MedStudy's Internal Medicine Board Review Conference and advice for those preparing for upcoming exams.

    What should course attendees know about you?
    I believe [that] 'Exercise is Medicine.' 
    What do you like most about speaking at MedStudy courses?

    The fun audience, great MedStudy team, and products.  

    What advice do you have for those who are attending the course?

    Know the Core MedStudy books and do plenty of practice Q&As and you will ace the boards!!! I used MedStudy and nailed my IM boards and MOC recerts too. 

    Do you have any resiliency tips? 

    Physically leave the office for breaks. Get outside, walk, soak in some sun, and stretch. Getting away from devices and computers can be a great recharger and relaxer while keeping you active.

    Take a 5-minute break every 25 mins, exercise every day, eat healthy, and get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. 

    What is your favorite memory from a MedStudy course?

    When the class got 100% correct on one of my audience response questions.

    Want a sneak peek into Dr. Higgins' teaching style? Check out this snippet from him speaking at our Internal Medicine Board Review Conference last year. 

    Dr. Higgins discusses cardiac tumors at a previous IM Review Course

    Meet more of MedStudy’s physicians by registering for the next Internal Medicine Board Review Conference where you can see more outstanding MedStudy course speakers and contributors. 

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