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    Topics in Internal Medicine

    Worried about covering all the topics in internal medicine from the ABIM/AOBIM blueprint in your board review? Have you seen our new 20th Edition Core yet?

    medstudy's new internal medicine core books

    MedStudy's new Internal Medicine Core books

    The new 20th Edition Internal Medicine Core is the foundational tool that all of our other internal medicine study tools are built from. This edition has been extensively rewritten to ensure that the information is focused and clearly explains what you need to know for each topic in internal medicine. The 5 book set covers each topic in internal medicine and is available as printed books or in digital format.

    These books are laser-focused on the medical knowledge you need for ABIM or AOBIM boards, and a strong internal medicine practice. Our talented physician educators are experts in their specialties who create the content for each section to align with the ABIM Board Exam Blueprint. We also take the percentage weight from the blueprint of each internal medicine topic into consideration. So, if a topic has a higher percentage on the exam, that topic will be more thoroughly covered in our Core. Whereas if there is a topic that is only 2% of the exam, we'll cover that internal medicine topic in less detail. 

    Topics in Internal Medicine 

    Here are the 16 topics in internal medicine that you'll find in our Core:

    • Endocrinology 
    • Allergy & Immunology 
    • Dermatology 
    • Infectious Disease 
    • Geriatric Medicine 
    • Pulmonary Medicine 
    • Nephrology 
    • Hematology 
    • Oncology 
    • Rheumatology 
    • Women's and Men's Health 
    • Neurology 
    • Cardiology 
    • Gastroenterology 
    • General Internal Medicine 
    • Psychiatry 


    Our other products are based on the foundational Core. Our Internal Medicine Q&As, Flashcards, and Video Board Review will cover these same topics in internal medicine. 


    How to best review all topics in Internal Medicine

    Meet MedStudy's Personal Trainer

    Does it seem intimidating that you need to have an understanding of all of these topics in internal medicine for your boards? We get it. That's why we created the Personal Trainer. This learning tool will guide you through the topics in internal medicine in the most effective way. Tell it your goals, and Personal Trainer will generate personalized Core reading suggestions to build your long-term memory of essential internal medicine knowledge.


    Get your copy today to start reviewing everything you need to know for your residency learning, to ace the internal medicine boards, and to maintain competency in your practice.

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