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    Your 5-Minute Guide to Taking The Internal Medicine ITE

    What is the Internal Medicine ITE? 

    The Internal Medicine In-Training Exam (ITE) is a web-based exam that all Internal Medicine residents take in the fall. It is created by the American Academy of Physicians, and most likely proctored by someone at your program. Registration for the exam opens in early May, and it costs $130 to register for this exam.  

    The Internal Medicine ITE is modeled after the ABIM board exam, and it’s meant to assess how you’re progressing through your residency training. The exam creates an opportunity for self-assessment, gives your program the opportunity to see how you’re growing year over year, and allows both you and your program to identify objectives you need more training in.

    How Many Questions Are on the In-Training Exam? 

    The Internal Medicine ITE is 300 questions long, and it’s modeled after the blueprint for the ABIM Internal Medicine Certification Exam. However, the ITE has a separate blueprint that breaks down the percentage of topics on the exam. It covers multiple specialties, as well as General Internal Medicine. 

    internal medicine ite blueprint

    The Internal Medicine In-Training Exam blueprint

    Your score is determined by the number of questions you answered correctly (and there’s no penalty for guessing), so you should not skip any questions. Your score is reported as a percentage of total questions answered. 

    How Long is the IM ITE? 

    The total length of testing time is 9 hours, with 7 of those hours allotted for actually answering questions. There are several 10-minute breaks and one 60-minute lunch break. 

    That means you have a little under a minute and a half to evaluate and answer each question.

    How Should I Prepare for the IM ITE?

    Since the IM ITE is meant to assess your progress through your residency training, you're not supposed to study (hint: cram) for it. And if you're studying effectively throughout your residency, you won't feel the need to cram for it. Any topic from the ABIM exam blueprint is fair game for the ITE, so the studying you're doing throughout your training and to prep for boards should suffice for you to take the ITE. Here's what preparing for your ITE exam should look like

    When Will I Get My Internal Medicine ITE Results?

    Your results will be sent to your program about 4–6 weeks after the exam window. It will show the number of questions you answered correctly, the educational objectives of the questions you missed, and your rank in the national percentile of residents in the same program year.

    Once you get your results back, here’s how to use your ITE score to adjust your board prep plan.

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