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    5 Things To Look For in ABIM Board Review Videos

    When you're ready to start studying for your ABIM exam, it's important to choose the right learning tools. What do we mean by that? Well, it means choosing study materials that:

    1. Give you a review of what you already know
    2. Identify your knowledge gaps
    3. Teach you the latest guideline updates
    4. Streamline your study process
    Video reviews are incredible learning tools that accomplish it all. So here are our five best tips for picking the best review lectures.

    1. Find lectures that are designed to fit your schedule

    With your busy schedule, you don't have any time to waste. You need a review with built-in flexibility. We designed our Video Board Review with busy Internal Medicine practitioners in mind, so that you can be in charge of how and when you review

    Some of the ways we build in flexibility and time-savings are:

    • The 40+ hours of lectures are organized by subtopics so you can instantly navigate to the specific sections of lectures.
    • Coverage of each topic and subtopic from the ABIM exam blueprint ranges from a couple of minutes to an hour, so you can fit a review into your schedule no matter how little time you have to study.
    • Every lecture is laser-focused on board testing points, so you will learn exactly what you need to know for board exams and practice in less time.

    2. Make sure video lectures are aligned with the ABIM exam blueprint

    A snippet of the Video Board Review's General Internal Medicine section.

    Have you reviewed the blueprint for your ABIM exam yet? While we can never know exactly what questions will show up on the exam, we can reference the ABIM blueprint to see what topics you'll be tested on, as well as the percentage each topic will be weighted in the exam score. Our Video Board Review is carefully tailored to the ABIM blueprint, so you can spend your time focusing on what you need to know, with no extra fluff.

    Plus, our lectures aren’t taught by just one physician—we find expert physician educators for each topic to give you an engaging and board-focused review. 

    3. Get videos that prep you to answer board-style questions 

    The Video Board Review seamlessly integrates self-testing into your board prep with Audience Response Questions. Preview these questions before starting your videos to prime your brain for learning. Then during the lectures, our expert physician educators present the Q&As and give thorough explanations of why the correct answer is right and why the distractors are incorrect. When you've watched all the videos, use these questions to practice recall of must-know internal medicine information. 

    4. Look for proven study techniques 

    To get the best review possible, you'll want to make sure that your ABIM board review videos align with study strategies that are proven to help you remember more of what you study and review. The Video Board Review has been hand-crafted to match best practices from our revolutionary learning method. And the result is powerful. By following the MedStudy Method, you’ll learn, retain, and easily recall all the medical information you need, whether you’re seeing patients or taking boards. 

    Ready more about the MedStudy Method in the StudyWise guide.

    5. Watch ABIM board review videos that provide CME and MOC 

    If you're like many of the other physicians looking for internal medicine review lectures, you might also need Continuing Medical Education credits and Maintenance of Certification points. Our Video Board Review helps you cover everything you need to know for your board exam AND allows you to claim CME Credits and MOC points. We make it easy to claim 40 CME and MOC after you watch the lectures.

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