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    Every ABP Exam Date for Pediatric Boards

    Certification | ITE 

    There’s A LOT to do to prepare to take the peds boards. Your first step: understand when your exam is and when you need to register. Knowing when your Pediatric board exam is helps you create a solid study plan in advance.  

    2024 ABP Certification Exam

    2024 ABP General Pediatrics Certifying Exam
    Schedule your exam on: 10/15/24, 10/16/24, or 10/17/24
    Register by 4/1/24
    Register late by 5/20/24

    When you start prepping for your certifying exam, be sure to download (and read!) StudyWise. It's written by our Editor-in-Chief, Tony Hannaman, MD, who's spent years uncovering the science of learning. Along with writing StudyWise, he's crafted a powerful method for learning medicine—the MedStudy Method—that is incorporated into all of our products. 

    Once you have a framework for how to study, you can dive in to the material! Good study tools should cover what a competent peds physician should know, as detailed by the ABP exam content outline. We use that same outline to guide the content across all MedStudy learning tools. 

    In 2022, the overall pass rate for the ABP General Pediatrics Certifying Exam was 80%. We’ve written plenty of blogs on preparing for your boards in the final week, exam day advice, and what to expect the day of your ABP exam to help you StudySTRONG and be confident heading into this stressful time. Remember… You’ve got this! 

    2024 ABP ITE Exams 

    2024 ABP ITE 
    July 10–24, 2024
    Registration period: Feb. 1—May 31, 2024

    You shouldn’t study specifically for the Peds ITE because it’s really meant to gauge your progress through residency training. However, many residents do review learning tools throughout their residency, and adjust their studies accordingly when the ITE is on the horizon. 

    The ITE uses the same content outline as your certifying exam, so the learning tools you choose to use to prepare for your certification exam should work well for your ITE exam prep.


    Looking for ABP MOCA-Peds dates? We've got everything you need to know here

    Plus, want to know other important pediatrics dates? Download the 2024 Important Dates Calendar to get all the important deadlines, exam dates, and health awareness days for pediatricians. 

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