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    Everything You Need to Know About Internal Medicine Audio Board Review

    Audio lectures have long been loved by Internists in their board review period—but Internal Medicine audio board review tools were rife with problems: they required some technical know-how to use effectively, and lecturers could get pretty dry as they read through the review material. 

    Times have changed! Gone are the days of CDs that you have to work to get to play in your car. Now you can play your Internal Medicine audio board review right on your phone!

    Everything You Need to Know Before You Start an Internal Medicine Audio Board Review

    MedStudy Core Audio Pearls review

    With MedStudy Core Audio Pearls, you’ll be able to study on-the-go with focused, convenient instruction presented in the same sequence as in the Core, with 44+ hours of streaming audio. You can earn 44 CME credits and MOC points with the Core Audio Pearls.

    We have 10 engaging experts who read in their own personable style, so the lectures never feel like one lecturer droning on and on. The Core Audio Pearls are more like a lecture than an audio book. The physician educators pull out high-yield information from the Core and read it to you out loud. Think of it as a “streamlined” Core, in audio recordings. This Internal Medicine audio board review will engage more of your brain than reading alone, so that you can easily reinforce must-know concepts, procedures, and diagnostic protocols.

    How to Use Audio Lectures to Prep for Internal Medicine Boards

    Everything You Need to Know Before You Start an Internal Medicine Audio Board Review

    MedStudy Core Audio Pearls review

    The best thing about your internal medicine audio board review is that you can listen from anywhere while you’re doing daily tasks like driving, exercising, doing household chores. You already know that an audio review will provide incredible convenience for your busy schedule, but to get the most out of your review, you should be stacking audio on top of other formats for a deeper review of the concepts. 

    This is a series of recordings made by expert specialty and subspecialty speakers synthesizing and summarizing what you must know from the Core with their own emphasis added. Reviewing a concept from different angles deepens your understanding and memory of that concept. We integrate this evidence-based learning truth into all of our learning tools so that you can approach must-know concepts in multiple ways: fun, live lectures; crisp, conversational text in the Core; Q&As that force you to compare and contrast; illness script Flashcards that present the concept as a story; and flexible audio review.

    Wondering what to try? Stack Core Audio Pearls onto your Digital Study Strong Essentials. This will allow you to reinforce the high-yield topics you read in the Core. Then, your digital Core is interlinked to your Q&As and digital Flashcards, so you can easily hit a topic from multiple review “angles” to embed the concepts in your long term memory. 

    Free Internal Medicine Board Review Lectures 

    Want to try the Core Audio Pearls for free? MedStudy free trials are totally risk-free—we don’t require a purchase or credit card. 

    Take 30 days to listen to the entire Pulmonary Medicine section from Raj Dasgupta, MD. You can listen on any device and try out every feature of the Core Audio Pearls to see if you like them (we know you will!)

    We also have free mini-lectures on our YouTube channel that span multiple topics. Note that these videos don't allow you to use any of the features of Core Audio Pearls—you just listen to the lecture snippet from the lecturer! Subscribe to get notified when we post new videos.


    How Does the ABIM Audio Review Work?

    With the MedStudy Core Audio Pearls, you’ll be able to access the same day you purchase. You’ll just log into your account, and you’re ready to start listening! 

    The Core Audio Pearls cover 16 main topic areas from the ABIM and AOBIM board exam blueprints. You can see the main menu with these 16 main topic areas, and you can also see every subtopic for each main topic. You can listen via your internet browser, the MedStudy Media app, or by making a MedStudy app on your phone screen (just a few simple steps and you can access all of your MedStudy learning tools on your phone or tablet!)

    Once you start listening to your Core Audio Pearls, you’ll be able to follow your progression through each section with real-time feedback on percent completed, bookmark and take notes on your favorite pearls, and playback audio at your preferred pace—up to 2x normal speed.

    You need WiFi connection or cellular data to listen—they’re not downloadable like a podcast. But as long as you have WiFi or data, like in your car, you can listen to them.

    Start listening to our Internal Medicine audio board review now to make the most of your study time! 

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