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    How to Get The ABP Certificates You Need

    Throughout the course of your career as a pediatrician, you'll need to make sure you are in good standing with the American Board of Pediatrics. We've gathered everything you need to know to make sure you have what's necessary to achieve and maintain your ABP certification. Here's how to get the ABP certificates you need.

    How to Get Your ABP Certification

    The certification exam is one of the biggest exams you'll take in your career, and it can feel incredibly daunting. That's why we created learning tools tailored to the ABP content outline, so you get the most up-to-date, clear, and board-focused information available.

    pediatrics study strong essentialsPediatrics Study Strong Essentials in print and digital.

    With the Pediatrics Study Strong Essentials, you'll study exactly what you need to know for your certification exam—no more, no less. This powerhouse package boosts your study with the combination of Pediatrics Core, Flashcards, and Q&As (get the All-Access package for digital and print formats of the Core and Flashcards plus $600 in savings). The digital versions of these study tools are all interlinked, so you can toggle back and forth across study formats covering the same topic area, to make sure it sticks in your head. In a single click, you can go from Core to Flashcards, Flashcards to Core; Q&As to Core, or Core to Q&As.

    Need a study plan? That's where the Personal Trainer comes in. This super-smart, personalized learning tool makes the perfect interactive, adjustable study schedule for your board exam. This study schedule will help you understand exactly what you need to study and when so you can focus on the content you need to learn to ace your cert exam. You'll get weekly study plans with topics from the Core so you can prepare for each topic on the ABP content outline. Personal Trainer is included for free (a $300/year value!) with the Pediatrics Study Strong Essentials


    How to Maintain Your ABP Certification

    Your relationship with the ABP does not end at certification! Once you get certified, you will need to pass Maintenance of Certification exams and earn CME credits and MOC points. The good news is, we've got learning tools for that too!

    2022 quickref in print and digitalPrint and digital 2022 QuickREF.

    Signed up for the MOCA-Peds exam? We gather the high-yield points of information that you’re likely to be tested on for a new edition of QuickREF every year. Use this QuickREF guide as your open book reference during the assessment to cover all 45 learning objectives. QuickREF includes both print and digital formats, so you get the benefits of both. Need to build your confidence before answering exam questions? Practice by adding Q&As to your study routine, and self-test on MOCA-Peds learning objectives.

    pediatrics video board reviewPediatrics Video Board Review is available online or on USB.

    We hear from many re-certifiers taking the traditional Maintenance of Certification exam that they love using video lectures for their exam prep. The Video Board Review provides a comprehensive yet flexible ABP board review. We search high and low to find the most awesome, engaging speakers—and create a beautiful, full-color printed syllabus to show the content from every single slide—to guide you through your review of every pediatric boards topic. You’ll review the latest peds guidelines and updates, and earn 52 CME credits/MOC points.

    Speaking of CME credits and MOC points, you are going to need them to maintain your certification! And you know what? Almost all of our learning tools include CME credits and MOC points for free! Check out our full collection to see how many credits you can earn with each. Need credits fast? We've got you covered. You can start claiming right away with any of our digital learning tools.


    Ready to start working on getting the ABP certificates you need? Whether you're preparing for your certification exam, or need to earn CME credits and MOC points to maintain your certification, we have learning tools for you.

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