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    In-Person IM Review Courses Are Back—Here’s Why Attendees Love Them

    "Honestly, I don't think I would have passed without this course and the wealth of new information I've learned. Thank you very much!!!!!"  - John A. Johnson, MD, MBA, FACP

    It's been over two years since we offered an in-person version of our Internal Medicine Board Review Course. But we've got some great news... In-person courses are back for 2023!

    We had so many internists ask us when we were going to bring back the in-person review experience, and we're happy to say that we're making it happen! Onsite attendees have the opportunity to network with other physicians, chat with our guest speakers (expert physician educators in each specialty), and are able to get away from their busy lives and have some time where they can really focus on their review. 

    Don't worry though—if you don't think you'll be able to make it to our highly-rated review course in person, you still have the option to take it online, too! We've been holding online courses for years now and have perfected the experience. You'll be able to fully immerse yourself in the learning experience without having to go anywhere. 

    After the courses are over, we ask attendees questions like, "Would you recommend this course to colleagues?" and "Do you feel like you'll pass your board exam after attending this course?" Here's what the attendees of our last in-person course had to say in their end-of-course survey: 

    • 98.6% of course attendees said they would recommend this course 
    • 90.77% said the course helped them identify and remedy knowledge gaps 
    • 87.7% said they felt like they would pass their boards after attending the IM course 
    • 93.85% said that the course format enhanced their learning 
    • 97% said that it was balanced and free of pharma bias 
    • 96.92% said that the course offered a balance of diagnostic and therapeutic options
    • 98.46% agreed that the clinical recommendations were appropriate and justified 

    Our IM course comes highly recommended by other internists 

    98.6% of our last onsite course attendees said that they would recommend it to you! But don't just take it from us. Nancy Satzler, MD, highly recommends the Internal Medicine Board Review Course for board prep! 

    "I am very thankful to have taken and passed the board certification/recertification exam in internal medicine now FOUR TIMES with the help of the MedStudy review course! (passing it every 10 years with the help of your course, starting with doing well on the certification test the first time I used it [second attempt] after I did not pass the initial certification test WITHOUT your help on my first attempt).

    The format of MedStudy makes important facts much easier to learn and retain.

    Keep up the good work!" - Nancy Satzler, MD

    Identify your knowledge gaps 

    A knowledge gap is the difference between what you know about a topic and what there is yet to learn and remember about it. 90.77% of course attendees said that the Internal Medicine Board Review Course helped them identify and remedy (aka fill up!) knowledge gaps.

    Identifying these gaps can be tricky! If you're not sure where to start, the course is a great option for you. Our lecturers include "audience response" questions within their lecturers that help you focus study on topics you need to brush up on. 

    Heme/Onc and rheumatology were the two areas I felt most uncomfortable with. After the review I felt much more comfortable because I had a way to organize the information into 'buckets' in my head." - Brittany Chatterton, MD

    "The course helped me in many of my medical knowledge gaps. An example of one gap includes the common findings associated with the ANCA vasculitides and how to appropriately work them up with specific labs." - Anne Locatelli, MD

    Hear from different speakers for each topic 

    Tired of those courses that are taught by one speaker who drones on and on? You don't have to worry about that with MedStudy. Our courses aren’t taught by only one speaker—we find superb physician educators for each topic to give you an engaging and board-focused review. 93.85% of attendees said that the course format enhanced their learning. There's a mix of physicians reviewing each topic, so you don’t have to sit through one lecturer for an entire course. 

    "I really enjoyed the course! The presenters did a great job!" - George R. Zimmerman II, MD

    "Excellent speakers. Excellent format. Well presented. Covered all aspects of Internal Medicine. Great review and enjoyable learning experience." - Vincent P. DeGennaro, M.D., F.A.C.P.

    Get a board focused review 

    We scale which topics you study based on the exam blueprint. For example, we spend a lot more time reviewing Cardiology since it’s a whopping 14% of the ABIM exam content. 87.7% of course attendees said that they were confident that they would pass their exam now. This strategy is especially helpful when you’re getting closer and closer to your exam date because we tailor your review towards the bigger sections of the exam.

    The Course is concise, amazing and I am hopeful it will help me pass my board as well as flourish my practice!” — Lellise Shewakena, MD 

    See why 98.6% of our course attendees recommend it to others—Join us for an upcoming course! We're offering two chances to come in-person during 2023: 

    March 11-15, 2023 | Colorado Springs, CO (Limited Spots Available!) or Online

    June 10-14, 2023 | Denver, CO or Online

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