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    Our Latest Internal Medicine Board Review Videos Are Here!

    Internal Medicine board review videos let you study every topic for exams at your own pace. Plus, they're a great way to review in a course setting, with the flexibility of on-demand access.

    How to Study for Boards with Internal Medicine Board Review Videos

    When it comes to studying for the boards, you should be using evidence-based learning techniques to be more efficient. Our StudyWise guide breaks it all down for you, but we'll give you a quick recap on how to use videos to study. 

    There are 39 hours of content, so about 5 days of talks if you're studying 8 hours per day. Our teachers are the best of the best, and they review all the content in the Core. Use the video sessions as your comprehensive review (think: replaces reading textbooks). 

    Each session features board-focused Audience Response Questions to get your brain sticky—aka, ready for learning. Plus, we've pulled all of these questions into a Question Review Video that you can use as a qbank. This way, you can test what you know and easily implement spaced retrieval when you study using board review videos. 

    All the content from the slides in the video board review, including the Audience Response Questions (with answers), is in a 482-page, full-color syllabus. Our thorough syllabus limits the need to take notes so that you can really focus on the review. Plus, you'll find a list of abbreviations and medical images and figures, too!

    What Our Internal Medicine Board Review Videos Are Like 

    These videos provide a comprehensive yet flexible ABIM board review. We search high and low to find the most awesome, engaging speakers—and create a beautiful, full-color printed syllabus to show the content from every single slide—to guide you through your review of every Internal Medicine boards topic. You’ll review the latest IM guidelines and updates, and earn CME credits/MOC points.

    MedStudy Internal Medicine Videos Free Download

    Watch MedStudy Internal Medicine Videos free on YouTube! Discover snippet videos from our Internal Medicine board review videos that give you a feel for how the board review videos are presented. Here's one of our latest videos:


    Internal Medicine Video Board Review Syllabus

    When you purchase the Video Board Review, we’ll snail-mail you a full-color printed syllabus that helps you follow along with the videos. We pull in the 320 Audience Response Questions, medical images, and illustrations from each lecture, and display them in a logical order to help you study strong.

    We also give every answer to the audience response questions in the back of the syllabus so it's easy to find them. Ultimately, we want our syllabus to help you spend less time taking notes and more time reviewing the material. 

    Internal Medicine Video Board Review Syllabus cover and open pages

    Internal Medicine Video Board Review syllabus

    What's Included With the Video Board Review?

    We search high and low to find the most awesome, engaging speakers. We also create a beautiful, full-color printed syllabus to show the content from every single slide—to guide you through your review of every Internal Medicine topic from the ABIM exam blueprint. 

    The Internal Medicine Video Board Review comes with:

    • 39+ hours of professionally edited, HD quality internal medicine board review videos from our live Course lectures
    • 320 Audience Response Questions pull out the most salient, test-worthy points
    • Track your progress through each topic, bookmark, and get quick access to your notes in the Dashboard
    • 15 experts cover topics from the ABIM exam blueprint
    • 482-page full-color printed syllabus with abbreviations list and Q&As 
    • Flexible formats for you to choose: Online streaming or USB flash drive
    • Use the MedStudy Media app with the online format to take videos with you on your mobile device
    • Max CME Credits/MOC Points: 39

    Top-of-the-Line Video and Audio Quality

    Our Video Board Review is filmed in high-definition—the quality is top-notch! We show both the speaker and their presentation, so you’re in a true “educational session” setting. Pro Tip: Increase the speed to watch the videos in even less time!

    Multiple Ways to Watch

    Choose how you'd like to watch your Video Board Review: online streaming or USB. And, if you choose the online videos, there are also multiple ways to watch the videos on your mobile device

    Once you're watching your board review videos, there's a variety of features that help streamline your review: 

    • Bookmark. Quickly find and bookmark your favorite videos

    • Take notes. Type notes while you watch, and we’ll keep everything organized for you (by categorizing your notes according to the headings where you added them). Never search for that missing piece of paper again! 

    • Playback. Playback videos at your preferred pace—up to 2x normal speed. You can also rewind in 45- and 15-second increments

    • Track your progress. Keep track of your study efforts based on the number of topics started and completed

    • See a menu of subtopics. Easily select which topic to listen to next

    2023 internal medicine video board review on three smart phones


    We're constantly working to make our products even better for you. Have an idea for how we can make MedStudy products better? We’d love to hear it. 

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