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    Meet Our ABIM Recertification Course A&I Speaker: Peter Huynh, MD

    At our March ABIM recertification course, Peter Huynh, MD's Allergy and Immunology lecture blew us out of the water. So, we sat down with him to discuss his love for teaching A&I and the importance of being well-rested for learning!

    Dr. Huynh has been working with MedStudy since 2012 on Core, Audio Pearls, Q&As, and of course, has been a speaker for our Courses and Video Board Reviews over the years for both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He completed his medical training at the University of Southern California, and joined Kaiser Permanente as Chief of Allergy & Immunology in 2011.

    image of dr huynh speaking at our ABIM recertification course

     Dr. Huynh speaking at our Review Course

    91% of our March 2020 Course attendees said that Dr. Huynh's content was very good or excellent. Here's an inside look at what he had to say about MedStudy's Internal Medicine Review Course and advice for those preparing for upcoming exams.

    Dr. Huynh's Tips for Exam Prep and Studying at the ABIM recertification course

    Screen Shot of what the course looks like when you attend online ABIM recertification course

    When you attend a course online, you'll see a live feed of the slide and speaker

    If we ever have questions about A&I we, no doubt, take it to Dr. Huynh. He also knows a thing or two about studying and exam prep. Plus, he shares everything our 2020 IM Review Course attendees should know about him. 

    Do you have any go-to study tips for docs preparing for boards?

    Get plenty of sleep and rest. Your mind can not learn and absorb the material if it is not well rested.

    What's your best advice for the week before a board exam?

    Get enough sleep the last week. A lot of people cram the last week and they are overly tired on the day of the exam. When you are tired, you make careless mistakes and don’t remember information as well. 

    What's your best advice for the day before a board exam?

    Bring an extra jacket, as the room may be cold. Wear comfortable clothes. Relax! You got this! 

    What should course attendees know about you?
    I love to teach Allergy and Immunology. I can talk about the subject for hours!
    What do you like most about speaking at MedStudy courses?

    The really wonderful administrative staff.  

    What advice do you have for those who are attending the course?

    Come well rested. And enjoy just learning.

    What is your favorite memory from a MedStudy course?

    When someone tells me this is the first time they understand immunology.

    Want a sneak peek into Dr. Huynh's teaching style? Check out this snippet from him speaking at our Review Course last year. 


    Dr. Huynh discusses food allergies at a previous course

    Meet more physician educators by registering for the next ABIM recertification course where you can see more outstanding MedStudy course speakers and contributors. 

    Want to meet more course educators? Read about our Course Co-Director next. 

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