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    The Science of Learning: How Personal Trainer Makes Teaching Medicine Easier

    Even with great content, residents may not know the best way to lock all the must-know information into their long term memory. Our Core (both Peds and IM) comes with a secret weapon to supercharge your residents' learning: Personal Trainer. It incorporates the science of learning and automates your residents' learning plans. Let's dive into what Personal Trainer is and why it's the ultimate study tool for your program.

    What is Personal Trainer?

    Personal Trainer is a super-smart, interactive study guide that creates personalized, adjustable learning plans according to your residents' study pace and goals. Developed to make residents' study time more effective, Personal Trainer uses the MedStudy Method to guide them through our Core (and Q&As if your residents have them!) and lock must-know information into their long-term memories.

    How? By combining the best evidence-based learning techniques into a system that takes residents through the 3 essential phases of learning for each topic. This makes TRULY learning medicine easier. 

    pssr_medstudy method_horizontal-1-1

    Three essential phases of learning

    How does Personal Trainer help strengthen residents' learning?

    You already know that MedCentral (formerly ResCentral) makes teaching medicine easier by allowing you to create assignments and check on your residents’ progress. 

    Well, Personal Trainer makes learning medicine easier. It keeps your residents on track as it walks them through the phases of learning—it’s their tool for managing their study load. If your residents have our Core books, they also have Personal Trainer. And it's even better if they have Q&As, too, because the Core and Q&As are interlinked with each other and Personal Trainer. 

    Personal Trainer helps residents:

    1. Use the study system in a way that supports their own unique study needs
    2. Study effectively for long term learning—i.e. study the right stuff in the right way
    3. Achieve their own learning goals on their own timeline
    4. Roll with the punches that the real world throws
    5. Implement evidence based learning methods in a way that is easy to follow

    Personal Trainer helps your residents manage their study load, complete their assignments, and learn the must-know information, all on their own! 


    New features in Personal Trainer help residents track their progress


    Here’s what users say about Personal Trainer

    This super-smart learning guide makes cramming and calendaring obsolete, so users love it. Here's what they have to say:

    "I think the automated subjects were nice to keep me reminded of my goals during the busy residency times." - Deborah V., DO

    "I liked the study schedule and timeline—was super helpful." - Kristina A., MD


    If your residents don't have the Core and Q&As with Personal Trainer, reach out to us for discounted pricing. Not only will you keep your residents on track by providing them with Personal Trainer, but this ultimate study tool will help set them up for success for the rest of their medical career by locking the must-know information into their long-term memories. 

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