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    3 Exciting Features to Look Out for in the 19th IM Core

    The Core is the most success-proven Internal Medicine review available. And, the new edition is now here! We’re as dedicated to continuous improvement and learning as you are, and our new 19th Edition Internal Medicine release is proof. These new Internal Medicine board certification study materials are composed of all the high-yield, board-focused material you need, including the latest updates and practice guidelines.

    IM Core Features - Animated - DIGITAL

    When you read through the Core, pay special attention to the formatting! We take special care to use emphasis to streamline your study routine. Here are the features that you can check out with the new edition. 


    NEW! Interlinked Digital Content 

    This year, the Digital Core is now "interlinked" to the Digital Flashcards and Q&As. What's interlinked content? With a single click, you can easily move between your digital Core, Q&As, and Flashcards to immediately reinforce must-know points.

    See how there are 10 Q&As and 1 Flashcard on Aortic Disease? To get to the Q&A or Flashcards for that topic, navigate with the icons at the top. The best way to experience interlinked content is in our Study Strong Digital Essentials.

    Screenshot of the 19th edition digital Core on aortic disease

    There are 10 Q&As and 1 Flashcard regarding Aortic Disease


    Preview | Review Questions at the Beginning of Each Section 

    At the very beginning of each new section, in the grey box, there are some questions to look out for within the section. Use P|R Questions to preview, study, and review the highest-yield material. As you read the text, the highlighted text will give you the answers to the questions. 

    So, first read through the questions on Bronchiectasis and dredge up all the info you can in your head about it. Then read through the text, paying extra attention to the highlighted areas. The highlighted text includes must-know concepts and the answers to the Preview | Review questions.

    It’s exam prep at-a-glance! Use the Preview | Review questions like Q&As. Then, go through the highlighted text to find the answers, plus any other nuggets of information you should know before the exam. 

    Screenshot from the digital core about bronchiectasis showing the preview review section and the highlighted areas

    Preview | Review questions and highlighted high-yield answers


    Instant Search Results in the Digital Core 

    Search will save you time and help you find information faster in the Digital Core. Being able to search will also help you identify relevant information across different topics and sections—being able to quickly find the answer you’re searching for will boost your confidence in your medical knowledge. 

    coresearchFind the search icon and search across topic, section, or all sections

    There are other digital-only features of the Internal Medicine Core like note taking. You can take notes while you read, and we’ll keep everything organized for you (by categorizing your notes according to the headings where you added them). Never search for that missing piece of paper again!


    We've included all of these features to help you navigate all the IM knowledge you need in an easier way. We hope that it helps you understand that information, retain it longer, and improve your recall of it!

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