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    How to Earn CME Credits Online

    Earning CME credits or MOC points no longer means spending hours and hours in a lecture hall. Now, you can earn CME credits online. This means earning on-the-go and on your own schedule—along with using various formats. It means fitting the necessary CME activities into your life, rather than molding your life around a CME activity. 

    Some of the key takeaways you'll find below are:

    1. Information on how to earn online
    2. Feedback from other physicians
    3. Some of the very best learning tools for easily earning CME online
    4. How to claim those online credits

    How to get CME credits online

    As physicians rely more and more on technology, online CME has become the most popular format to help fulfill your requirements for the year. You can get CME credits online by using digital learning tools like:

    1. Question/answer banks
    2. Video reviews
    3. Digital flashcards
    4. Audio lectures 

    Just be sure that when you're purchasing a product to earn online CME credits, you pick an accredited institution (like MedStudy). Then you'll need to complete the CME activity, finish the evaluation component, and submit everything through that accredited institution to claim your credits. MedStudy helps you with the whole process, so don't be shy about calling us if you've got questions!

    Pro Tip: Almost every one of our online study solutions include CME credits and MOC points, with the added benefit of choosing from various formats based on how you study best. So pick what's best for you!

    Also note that with MedStudy products, credits can be claimed incrementally anytime over the purchase date and expiration date. This is useful because oftentimes credits for one product can cover your CME requirements over multiple years if you time it right!


    4 easy ways to earn CME credits online

    Now that you know that you don't have to go to a course to earn CME credits online, you can explore the easy ways (and various formats!) to get what you need. From streaming video to audio lectures, here are 4 options for actually doing it.

    1. Answer board-style questions online 

    If you want to reinforce your knowledge by self-testing and earn CME credits online, answering board-style Q&As for Internal Medicine or Pediatrics is at the top of the list. 

    With our Qbank+, you will earn 1 credit for every 4 questions that you answer correctly. Your 12-month access to the qbank lets you earn a maximum of 100 points by correctly answering just 400 of the 1,700+ questions for Internal Medicine or 2,000+ questions for Pediatrics.

    Feeling confident in a topic? Every time you begin a new Q&A session you have the option to customize your Qbank+ experience by topic filtering and selecting the number of questions you want to answer. And, we update information and add in new questions throughout the year, so you know you’re always reviewing the latest and greatest in Internal Medicine and Pediatric guidelines.

    Pro Tip: Earn CME fast by filtering to the topic you know best.

    Bonus! Since Qbank+ is an online product, you get immediate access upon purchase and can start answering questions and earning credits right away. Plus, it’s easy to use from your mobile device. Just download the new free app and voilà! Your online Q&As are ready for you.


    2. Stream the Video Board Review 

    Each year we release a brand new online Video Board Review with professionally-edited, HD quality videos from our live course lectures. They're our most-loved study tool for many reasons, but especially for earning CME online.

    Why are they so loved? The feedback we get is because you’re in charge of how and when you watch. Whether you watch the videos online or from a USB, this CME experience allows you to access lectures via a menu of topics or subtopics.

    We also ship (free for the continental U.S.) a printed, full-color syllabus that covers every slide in the videos to help guide you through your review of every Internal Medicine or Pediatrics topic at your own pace. So you can just sit back, relax, and start raking in your online CME credits—while reinforcing your knowledge, of course!

    Plus, the Video Board Review is also available on the free app

    Pro Tip: The printed syllabus negates the need to take notes. So lay down your pencil and soak up the info in the videos. Then review the syllabus like you'd study your notes. 


    3. "Flip" through the digital flashcards 

    Digital flashcards are perfect for reviewing common scenarios you might see in your daily practice. Know what else? They are a quick and easy way to:

    1. Sharpen your diagnostic skills with hundreds of classic illness presentations with the IM Flashcards
    2. Exercise recall of diseases, syndromes, and fundamental facts with the Pediatrics Flashcards

    Plus, the Internal Medicine or Pediatrics Digital Flashcards allow you to customize each session by topic. This will help identify what you already know and where you might need more practice. It can also help you speed up your earning—just like with Q&As!

    Not only that, but we often hear that docs like to use flashcards during their daily commute and while traveling because they're a convenient study companion you can take with you anywhere you go

    Pro Tip: Remember that you must claim your credit within a 12-month period, and you must claim the CME before you can claim MOC.


    4. Earn on the go with audio lectures

    We call our audio lectures Core Audio Pearls. What are Pearls, you ask? Pearls = high-yield nuggets of knowledge that we've turned into audio lectures. In the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Core Audio Pearls, our expert educators curate the highest-yield information from the Core and share it with you in an easy-to-digest audio format.

    Pro Tip: Busy physicians love our Core Audio Pearls for multitasking. You can listen while you're at the gym, in the car, making dinner, etc. 

    The intuitive product interface makes tracking your progress easy. Quickly find and bookmark your favorite explanations, take notes, and play back audio at your preferred pace. All you have to do is listen! And as long as you have Internet access or the MedStudy mobile app, these audio lectures can be accessed from any mobile device and used anywhere you are—so you can earn CME on the go! 


    How do I claim my online CME? 

    Ready to claim your CME credits but not sure how? We've outlined 6 easy steps to claim your CME credits and MOC points including a video with step-by-step instructions. There's no need to procrastinate claiming your CME any longer! Get started with a digital product now and start earning on-the-go.


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