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    8 Exciting Things That Happened in 2019

    Can you believe it's already 2020? We can't either!

    With the start of the new decade, we've found ourselves reflecting a lot on MedStudy's growth (heading into our 28th year of business—time flies!), on the growth of our customers, and the growth of our team. We're proud of everything we accomplished and helped doctors accomplish last year, and we're so looking forward to continuing that upwards trajectory in 2020. 

    Here's a look back at what happened in 2019. 


    MedStudy helps doctors in 33 countries study strong! 

    In 2019, we grew our global reach by 10 new countries! Doctors around the world look to us as their number 1 resource for board prep and updating their knowledge for practice—we're honored to be a part of your story. 

    We also work with over 220 residency programs. From residency throughout your career, we'll be here for all your board prep and CME needs. 

    We grew our team of physician contributors to over 200 people.

    We work with over 200 specialists and sub-specialists to create MedStudy tools. We've even interviewed a few contributors about their experience. 

    You answered over 9 million Q&As.

    MedStudy customers answered over 9 million Q&As in 2019—that's quite an impressive feat! 

    Our YouTube Channel is booming. 

    In 2018, our most-watched video had 2,257 views. This year, our most-watched video garnered 19 THOUSAND views. Wow! It's clear that our customers are loving the FREE board review videos we're putting up, because nearly every one of our most-watched videos were snippets from our Video Board Review. 

    And you liked the MedStudy blog (MedStudy Margins), too. 

    With over 30K views in 2019, our blog was visited daily by our customers, and even non-customers who were looking for board prep advice, study tips, and CME information. We're happy to provide it all to you for free on our blog! You can also subscribe to join our community of 30K+ physicians who get regular updates, sneak peeks, and first access to promotions. 

    We released 15 new study tools in 2019. 

    In order to bring you the latest and greatest information for your specialty, we release brand new study tools every 2 years (per specialty). This year, we came out with a brand new line of pediatrics study tools that included some really exciting new features! 

    And even though it wasn't an official "internal medicine" release year (because new IM study tools are coming later in 2020!), we didn't go the entire 2019 without bringing you some brand new internal medicine content. We made regular updates to the MedStudy Hub throughout 2019, and brought you a new Internal Medicine Video Board Review. We also bundled our top-selling IM products into a Study Strong System, kept your qbanks updated regularly, and created a new way to experience your MedStudy products.  

    We got an Instagram. 

    We're so hip, right? It has been fun to break into Instagram as a new social channel for our company, and see how we can push the envelope to create fun, exciting things for you to look at. Give us a follow if you'd like to join our budding community, get regular study tips, Q&As! @MedStudyStrong

    Our MedStudy team grew. 

    We added new team members this year, and those team members added to our MedStudy family. We've had engagements, weddings, and new babies in 2019. We drank a lot of coffee, played with our beloved office dogs, and worked really hard.


    We love what we do. We believe in bringing you study tools that cut through the clutter and make learning all of that medical information you need to know just a little bit easier. We hope you had a wonderful 2019, and we look forward to what's in store for 2020! 

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