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    Meet the Educators behind the Medical Student Study Strong System—Ellen Scholnicoff, MD

    By now, you've probably heard about the Medical Student Study Strong System. And, most importantly, how it's an evidence-based learning system with three essential components that work together to ensure you truly LEARN the foundations of medicine in med school—in the easiest way possible.

    To that end, we worked with expert physician educators to help us craft all the content in the Medical Student Core and Step 1 and Step 2 Qbank+, and we think it’s time for you to meet them!

    Meet Ellen Scholnicoff, MD

    MedStudy contributor Ellen Scholnicoff, MD, worked on many sections of the Medical Student Core and Qbank+. Here’s the inside scoop about the Medical Student Study Strong System

    Q- What stood out to you most about the Medical Student Study Strong System?

    A- The Medical Student Core and Qbanks implement what students want: clear, thorough, accurate, yet informal discussions of the key topics they need to know. These products focus on high-yield information but don't just provide bare facts. What makes them unique is that they aim to help students better understand this information, and to enjoy learning more while studying, rather than being intimidated by their exams.

    quote within blog Quote from Ellen Scholnicoff, MD 

    Want to test out the Medical Student Study Strong System? Start a free trial now and get the full Musculoskeletal section for 30 days.

    gif of scrolling through the core An inside look at the Musculoskeletal section in the Core as part of the Medical Student Study Strong System

    Q- Tell us a little bit about the sections you worked on. What makes it a great learning tool?

    A- I worked on many different sections of the Medical Student Core, as well as much of the Qbank. Regardless of the topic, I always think about what will help students understand "why" and "how", which I believe is a key way to solidify memories. When writing, I see myself as a teacher, and I want to make sure my students are comfortable with the material and anticipate what their questions might be. The excellent figures, images, and tables throughout the different sections also greatly enhance the learning process.

    quote within blog

    Quote from Ellen Scholnicoff, MD

    Q- What are you most proud of, when it comes to your contributions to these student products?

    A- I feel I have made many complicated topics more organized and understandable for students. I feel a great responsibility to help shore up their knowledge and comprehension, to help them succeed not only with their exams but through medical school and beyond.

    quote within blog Quote from Ellen Scholnicoff, MD

    Q- Do you have any advice for students about studying during medical school and how these tools might help?

    A- Start studying early so that you don't feel stressed as the exam approaches. You could organize your study schedule based on the topics from the Medical Student Core, and/or use the products as review materials for your current classes or rotations in medical school. The Qbanks are a great way to test your knowledge, especially because they are linked to the relevant topics in the Core.

    Q- How do you think these learning tools stand out from others for medical students?

    A- The student products are not mere lists of facts. These are true review textbooks written with the purpose of ensuring students truly understand and enjoy learning the high-yield information they contain.


    Study with the Medical Student Core 

    med student study strong systemStudy with the Medical Student Study Strong System

    Start studying with the Medical Student Study Strong System now to see the full sections Dr. Scholnicoff worked on.

    We’ve taken 30 years of expertise in helping Internists and Pediatricians ace their boards and crafted the revolutionary Medical Student Study Strong System. This comprehensive learning system combines focused content with evidence-based learning techniques to ensure you truly LEARN the foundations of medicine as you work toward your goal of becoming an awesomely competent doctor. 


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    More to come soon! Stay tuned by subscribing to MedStudy Margins Blog

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