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    Everything You Need to Know About MOC Deadlines

    Love them or hate them, MOC points may be a necessary part of your ongoing certification, and we want to provide you with all the information that you will need to ensure you’re meeting your requirements this year.

    MOC Deadlines
    If you want your MOC points to count for your 2017 requirements, they must be claimed by:

    • 12/31/17 for ABIM
    • 12/1/17 for ABP

    If you’ve already earned your points using a MedStudy product, we make claiming them easy. Visit our CME/MOC page for more information. If you’re still in need of MOC points, see our suggestions below.


    ABIM MOC Points
    IM docs seeking MOC points have flexibility to claim partial credit for MOC activities, just like they can for CME. MedStudy offers ABIM MOC points on most of our products, but there are two that we think will best help you earn your shortfall within the month:

    • Internal Medicine Board-Style Q&A Premium is perfect for earning just the number of ABIM MOC points you need. You’ll earn 1 point for every 4 questions answered correctly.
    • Hospital Medicine Basics is a solution for IM hospitalists who are short just 3 points. The 3½-hour video provides a refresher on palliative care, quality and safety, and other topics appearing on the ABIM Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine (FPHM) exam.


    ABP MOC Points
    Pediatricians earning ABP MOC are more limited when earning a specific amount of points because ABP only accepts the maximum number of MOC points offered for an activity. Here are our suggestions:

    • Complete your MedStudy MOC activities and claim by December 1. MedStudy is proud that many of our products offer MOC points. If you didn’t know that, you’re already further ahead than you might have thought. And if you just started using your MedStudy products and can wait, plan on claiming your MOC points in 2018.
    • Purchase Q&A Premium for 2018. Subscribers to Pediatrics Board-Style Q&A Premium have the ideal tool on hand for both earning points and keeping their knowledge up to date on every Peds specialty.


    Plan for Next Year
    Whatever your specialty,
    it’s a good idea to make a low-stress plan to earn next year’s CME credits and MOC points gradually, so you are prepared for next year’s deadlines. Check out our blog for more posts about CME/MOC during the month of November.


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