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    Which Lecture-Based Study Tool Should You Use for Boards?

    We’ve crafted 3 different Internal Medicine study tools to help you get a comprehensive review for your upcoming boards or practice. The Internal Medicine Online Board Review Course, Internal Medicine Review Course Watch Party, and the Internal Medicine Video Board Review are 3 lecture-based study tools to help you stay laser-focused and gain confidence for exam day or brush up on those specialty topics that you'd usually need a consult for.

    But, how will you choose between the three?! We'll break down the benefits of each and help you decide which one is best for you.


    Benefits of the Internal Medicine Online Board Review Course

    The Online Internal Medicine Board Review Course was created as a distraction-free experience. It is similar to IM Review Courses you've taken with us before, except it's virtual. You’ll watch in-depth presentations from experts on high-value topics for board prep and practice update, and be able to chat and interact with colleagues from across the U.S. (and world!) to draw from each others’ clinical experience.

    There are a couple ways doctors study strong at our Online Review Course. You can live-stream the course remotely from your favorite place to study, or use raw footage from the lectures to study at your own pace for 12-months after the course is over. 

    The Course includes supplemental materials: 

    • 100 Board-Style Practice Questions 
    • 500+ page full-color printed syllabus 
    • Raw footage from the course for one year 
    • Up to 39 CME credits and MOC points 


    Benefits of the Internal Medicine Review Course Watch Party

    The Review Course Watch Party is like coming to our Online Review Course, with more flexibility, and more community. You'll get the same up to date lectures you would at the Review Course, plus more engagements opportunities with the speakers and fellow attendees! The expert speakers for each topic will be available during their lecture to answer any questions you may have. 

    Have a busy schedule? There are several dates you can choose from. 

      • May 29-June 2, 2021
      • May 29-31, June 5-6
      • July 10-12 & July 17-18
      • Sept 4-6 & Sept. 11-12

    Just like with our Online Review Course, you'll see the lecture footage in your myMedStudy account. Watch the videos, go through your syllabus, and review the practice questions as many times as you need to over the next 12 months to make sure you have the material down pat.  

    The Watch Party includes supplemental materials: 

    • 100 Board-Style Practice Questions 
    • 500+ page full-color printed syllabus 
    • Watch Party Videos for one year 
    • Up to 39.25 CME credits and MOC points 


    Benefits of the 2021 Internal Medicine Video Board Review 

    Need access to the videos right away so you can start studying ASAP? In that case, you might like the Video Board Review. The Video Board Review is a pre-recorded course that is ready for you to start watching and reviewing right away!

    When you purchase this study tool, you get to choose between online–streaming videos or a USB flash drive. We release a new Video Board Review every year, so you always know you have updated videos. Plus, the videos are professionally edited, and you'll get an outline of each of the subtopics under each specialty, so you can narrow down exactly where you're at in the videos. 

    The Video Board Review includes supplemental materials: 

    • 500+ page full-color printed syllabus 
    • Up to 39 CME credits and MOC points 


    How to Choose Among These Lecture-Based Study Tools 

    Take mental note of which column you relate with most to help you decide on which features you're looking for in a comprehensive review. 


    Whichever format you choose will provide a comprehensive, board-focused coverage of Internal Medicine and the opportunity to identify knowledge gaps. And, each option comes with a valuable syllabus and access to lecture videos. 

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