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    6 Features to Look for When Picking Out Internal Medicine Review Questions

    When you're looking at Internal Medicine review questions, you're most likely preparing for a high-stakes exam. So the Q&As need to help you review things you already know, accelerate learning in areas where you're less confident, and streamline your study process to save you time before test day. But which features help you do that? 

    Q&As Should Explain the Answer Thoroughly

    Because, you inevitably won't get every single answer right. And that's ok! Studies show that learning is enhanced when you work hard to remember what you know. But, when you do not know an answer, your Q&As need to fully explain why the correct answer is correct and why the incorrect answer is wrong.

    You need to look for in-depth answer and explanation sections—even better if your Q&As link to go deeper into the content

    MedStudy Q&As have in-depth Answer and Explanation sections that show you exactly where to find more information. We've interlinked every topic in the Q&As to the digital Core—with a single click, you can jump to that topic in the IM Core for a deep dive, so you don’t need to waste time searching for any details or further explanation.

    We’ve also added search capabilities to our Board-Style Q&A this year. Try searching by topic, subtopic, keywords, and more to find any question instantly.

    Make Sure You Can Tailor Q&A Sessions To Your Ever-Changing Goals 

    Every time you start a new Q&A session you have the power to customize your qbank experience. Look for different ways to quiz yourself: timed session help you answer practice questions in an exam format; untimed sessions give immediate feedback on your answers; filtering by topic helps customize your session. 

    MedStudy Internal Medicine review questions also allow you to create sessions from Q&As you have previously bookmarked, skipped, or answered incorrectly. So now you can spend your time on precisely what you need to study and no extra fluff. Study Mode lets you immediately see the explanation of why the correct answer is correct and why the other options were incorrect. Test Mode is a timed, board-style session that helps you get a feel for the exam. You’ll see your Report Card at the end of the quiz. 

    Internal Medicine Review Questions Should Closely Follow The Exam Blueprint  

    Your Internal Medicine board exam is based on the ABIM blueprint. As you're studying, you'll want to make sure the content closely follows what you'll see on the exam. 

    MedStudy Q&As are written and reviewed by superb physician educators to perfectly cover the ABIM and AOBIM exam blueprints. And, we update our Q&As continuously to keep up with current guidelines, so you know you’re always reviewing the latest in Internal Medicine. Know that whenever you have active access to the Q&As you have the most up-to-date questions. 

    Q&As Should Help You Visualize Your Progress

    As you work through your qbank, you're probably keeping mental tabs on topics you've already gone through or areas where you feel less confident. Your Q&A bank should keep track of all that for you! 

    MedStudy Q&As visualize your competency in each topic. The Report Card includes a breakdown of your session—questions you answered correctly will show up in green, and questions answered incorrectly will show up in red. You can also see all of the Q&As that you have skipped, ones you have bookmarked, and view your results sorted by confidence level.

    You can even clear your progress and start over! As an added bonus, you can reset your qbank as many times as you would like.

    You can also visualize how your answer compares with others who've answered the same question with Peer Response. You'll see a percentage breakdown of which answer option other physicians chose for each question. 

    Make Sure You Can Easily Eliminate Distractions

    During the exam, you can eliminate answer choices you know for sure are incorrect. You can also add notes—so make sure the Q&As you're studying with have this functionality too. 

    You can quickly eliminate incorrect answer options with the Internal Medicine review questions. Strikethrough answer options you know for sure are incorrect as you work through each question. 

    IM Review Questions Should Help You Tackle MOC Requirements

    Q&As can be a fun, quick CME activity. For every 4 questions you answer correctly you earn 1 CME credit and MOC credit. Start earning the day you purchase and build up to 100 credits each year. Once you’ve earned all you need, you can claim your CME credits and submit your ABIM MOC points from your MedStudy account.


    IM Q&As are the perfect study strategy for building confidence in your medical knowledge for acing exams, refreshing your daily practice, and advancing in your career. Buy MedStudy Internal Medicine review questions now to get all these wonderful features!

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